Scotty Cameron Refinishing: The Results

Remember the 1999 Scotty Cameron putter I got for a bottle of bourbon (here’s the post)?  Bottom line: it was in dire need of a refresh.  Here are some ‘before’ images to refresh your memory:

I love this putter.  I have putted with it exclusively since I got it.

It has needed refinishing for quite some time.  I was really worried about the finish continuing to wear off, and rust beginning to take over.  I had sent another Scotty out to BOS Golf to see how they did (post here).  It turned out really well, so I needed to find a lull in my golf playing so I could send it out to sunny San Diego.  Overall, the refinishing process with BOS takes about three weeks.

I found time, and sent it in.  It arrived last week, and let’s just say I am extremely pleased.  Opening the box was reminiscent of Christmas morning.  All in: $126.  Not too bad for these results:

I elected to go with a white and red paint theme rather than the original white and gold.  It makes this putter ‘mine’.

The top line and the insert were pretty beat up when I sent it in.  Now, the putter looks almost new.  All the dings have been removed, and the insert shines like a new penny.  Obviously I’m distracted by shiny things, so this will need to patina quickly…I digress.

I am in awe of the level of quality work I’ve received from BOS Golf (twice!).   Now off to cut out those dreaded three-putts…

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  • JBH03/13/2017 - 10:00 AM

    Congrats, it turned out great!ReplyCancel

  • Adam Aaronson03/13/2017 - 1:30 PM




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