Vibes: The Super Bowl

I’m not an NFL guy.  Never really have been…it’s always been an afterthought for me, as I’m a die-hard college football fan. That and I live in Atlanta, where the Falcons have disappointed me literally every year of my life.  Pulling for the Falcons is similar to being a Bulldogs…

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Dad Stuff, Two Years In: What I’ve Learned

While Red Clay Soul is mostly about men’s lifestyle stuff, pictures and stories about my family tend to sneak their way into Instagram posts or the general conversation.  I know a lot of us are in the same boat: a dad, or soon to be dad.  My boys are 2.5…

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Winter 2020: Off Season Ebay Finds

Seasonality is a smart consumer’s best friend.  Retail space is a premium, and merchandisers ensure that every inch of real estate provides the most return.  A major factor is what is featured in a store or on a website is the season.  This time of year you see a lot…

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The 2020 Red Clay Soul Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Alright, ladies.  Your boy is here for you.  Valentine’s Day is few short weeks away, and I’m guessing you need a little help in finding something great for your guy.  I’m here for you.  Guys – feel free to forward this to your better half.  Thank me later. This year,…

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