My Resolutions

I’m not the type of person that does a lot of diets, quick fixes, or New Year Resolutions.  Personally, I don’t like the mentality that a drastic change, while it might provide some short term results, will ultimately lead to a change in lifestyle.  However, while 2020 was largely a…

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Happening Now: The Onward Reserve Warehouse Sale

Team: the folks over at Onward Reserve just kicked off their Warehouse Sale.  Now, they do one or two of these a year, and are always in person…but given our current circumstances, they’ve done something really smart: in addition to availability in-store, it’s ALL online.  Up to 70% off all…

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1000 Words: Miller Brothers Semi-Annual Sale

It’s that time again…Winter Sales.  You’ll see quite a few of these popping up here soon (if they haven’t already), where there are some GREAT deals to be had.  Our friends at Miller Brothers just kicked off their 25th Anniversary Sale, which coincides, and there is a TON of great…

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Winter Weekends

And just like that, the holidays are over.  The milder winter we had is starting to turn cold, which is a tough row to hoe.  Unless I’m out in the field chasing birds or sneaking up to the stream to catch a lazy rainbow, my weekends consist of hanging around…

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