Down the River

Here’s a Google Earth view of The Camp and the little hummock on which it sits  Zoo and Buddy started it all for us.  Sometime way before I was born, “Zoo” Von Harten and “Buddy” Lubkin occupied (read as squatted) on a little hummock island made of oyster shells, sand,…

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SEWE 2020 – The Goods

OK, OK, let’s get to the ‘goods’ of SEWE.  Most of you readers have seen the Instagram images of all the stuff you see at SEWE, so I want to focus on some of the really cool and unique things I saw while spending some time in the low country.…

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The Home Bar

  Like many young bachelors, I spent a good amount of my 20s in bars. Bars were where I spent quality non-work hours socializing and enjoying good libations. Things changed…I fell in love, cohabitated and my focus changed to building a life and home together. Long lost was that time…

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Low Country Quail Hunt

This is the second year that we’ve gone and hunted at Indian Field Quail Preserve the Thursday before SEWE.  We did it last year (link), and were itching to get back.  I am hooked on quail hunting, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better hunt than at Indian…

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