Heavy Duty

Let’s talk about the heavy duty of heavy duty watches.  These are the big boys, 44mm and bigger. These watches are actually pretty easy to wear.  They are a bit shocking if you are used to the ‘standard’ men’s watches, which are usually around 40mm.  These are heavier, more substantial,…

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Guns Down

Now that we have sprung forward, it’s about time to put the guns away.  Apologies to the Toms, but that is a different type of hunting…  Of course there’s after-season care, but for the most part the guns, briar britches, waxed gear, and boots head off to hibernate until dove…

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High Five: March 6th, 2020

Lots of new stuff hitting the market these days, folks.  I feel like we are all finally coming out of our “winter” hibernation, so let’s start paying attention.  Here are five things that have my attention as of March 6th, 2020: Spring Instagram Teasers from Martin Dingman: I love it. …

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Get to Know: Fishing on Jupiter

There is a lot of good stuff at SEWE.  Brands, demonstrations, the people, and what I’ve learned is the underrated category: art.  There are plenty artist that paint in the style of the old duck stamps.  They are extremely talented, and should be featured. This year at SEWE, I met…

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