Quail Hunting 101

The little 6-ounce rockets are starting to fly through the tall pines…that’s right folks: Quail Season is upon us. It’s with great anticipation that we lace up our boots and follow the dogs looking to bust up some coveys. Quail hunting is the quintessential Southern hunt, akin to a fox…

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New HQ: Onward Reserve

I get text messages from TJ every once in a while…things like ‘you aren’t going to believe what we just found’…  TJ Callaway, the founder and CEO of Onward Reserve is playing chess; always thinking two or three moves ahead.  They had been busting at the seams in their old…

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RCS Style: Fall Date Night

It’s not often that Mrs. RCS and I get a date night.  We are seriously lucky in that both of our families are local, and love seeing our kids.  However, we don’t overplay our hand, if you know what I mean.  Date nights to us are a really great way…

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Review: Duck Head’s 5-Pocket Field Pants

As you know, 5-pocket pants have become a major part of the #menswear space, and more than likely a part of your rotation.  They are the choice for the in-between for jeans and khakis.  I like them, but you know I’m picky.  I view them as more casual than dressy. …

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