Hodinkee’s ‘Talking Watches’ and My Wish List

So I am at the front-end of becoming a ‘watch guy’.  I absolutely love learning about fine timepieces and understanding the histories and nuances of each brand.  Besides being one of the coolest sites on the Internet, Hodinkee is an excellent resource for guys like me…as well as the more experienced watch collectors/admirers.

They have started a new series called ‘Talking Watches’, and their first guest is the one and only John Mayer. Granted, he’s lost it over the last few years.  Mayer had been in the news for running his mouth rather than playing his guitar.  Personally, I’m really glad this is behind him, as the dude can flat out play the guitar.  Back to basics.

I knew that John Meyer is a watch collector, but I didn’t realize how deep his passion runs for fine time pieces.  Take a look:


Makes him seem like a normal dude (with incredible means to afford such a collection), right?  I like how some of his watches have scratches, etc.  It shows a little character.  Watches are meant to be worn, not rubbed with a diaper.

…being that I am on the precipice of becoming a collector, I am starting my wish list…

First, the Panerai 505.  Being my second Panerai, I’d like to get something a little different.  I like the composite casing and the larger size.

Second, the IWC Mark XVII.  This would be nicknamed ‘Tuxedo’ for obvious reasons.

A man can dream…

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