Slice of Heaven

I experienced the ‘Mighty Meaty’ from Mellow Mushroom last night. Spring water dough, with pepperoni, ground beef, Italian sausage, ham, and bacon. Highly recommended. Images: Google Image Search

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The Shawl Neck

(From top left): 1. Penfield Maine Knitted Shawl Neck Sweater 2. Martin & Osa Shawl Fleece Cardigan 3. Polo Sueded Cotton Shawl Pullover 4. Rugby Shetland Shawl Pullover 5. LL Bean Back Cove Sweatshirt 6. Orvis WWII Mechanics Sweater

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RCS Likes: Costa Del Mar

I am a sunglasses junkie – I have quite a few pairs. One of my staple brands is Costa Del Mar. I’ve been wearing their sunglasses for quite a while – my first pair were Fathoms in 2004, followed by a pair of Harpoons in 2005. They were (and still…

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Long Day at the Office

It was a long day at the office. My wife knew it, and this is what I came home to: I thank God every day for my wife – she is a good woman.

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