Cooler Roundup

Can you remember the days before Yeti revolutionized the cooler market?  It used to be all Igloo or Coleman and they were essentially disposable since they cost about $25 a piece.  I can’t count how many of these coolers were destroyed at beach weekends and formals…and we didn’t think twice…

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Diplomat Outfitters

Innovation comes in strange ways.  My man Read Wall just started Diplomat Outfitters with the intent of bringing the made-to-measure experience to the masses.  It’s a really interesting process: 1. Browse the Diplomat Outfitters website and find a few things you like.  Today they offer suits, sport coats, and tuxedos,…

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Lesson Learned: Duck Head

I’ve been excited about writing this post for a while. I wrote an honest post about Duck Head’s flat relaunch late last year.  Remember the marketing campaign in G&G of some older guy on a vintage motorcycle?  This was October 2017: Read the whole thing here (along with the comments). …

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Boot Season – Reader Feedback

Team: It’s boot season.  As we all know, the boot spectrum is wide…what boots are you wearing this Fall?  Are you a Wolverine guy, like these 1000 Mile boots?  Are you a Tecovas guy?  Something different?  Let me know in the comments…

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