Rock And Fire

Some of the best…can you name them all?  Who did I forget?  Images: Google Image Search

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Some interesting Facebook discussion on summer non-sandal shoes went on yesterday, and most responses were towards the driving loafer.  I happen to agree.  I’m not anti-boat shoe, but I really like the look of a driving loafer in the warmer months.  Sans socks (of course), these can be dressed way…

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‘Seasonal’ Sales – Play Like A Champion

One of my biggest gripes about shopping is the seasonal calendar.  I don’t understand why stores and designers have to release their season lines two months before the weather is appropriate.  It’s cold out now, but most stores are starting to display their spring wears.  My grips is that if…

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The Beefroll

How many versions of loafers are there?  What started as something casual has gone in almost every direction imaginable.  Drivers, bits, pennies, Venetians  etc.  Not to mention the soles: leather, rubber, nubs…it’s all there.  Exponential options. In an effort to step up our style this year, let’s look at some options…

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