The Poor Man’s Golf Gift Guide

For this gift guide go-round, we are doing something a little different.  I’ve reached out to the Poor Man – rabid Bulldog fan and obsessive golfer with an eye on just the right style.  I asked him “Hey, Poor Man, you have everything golf related imaginable.  What would you put…

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1000 Words: Piney Creek Quail Hunt with Over Under

I’ve known Bryan Horn for quite some time…we met through RCS and our many trips to SEWE, and we’ve remained in touch since.  At SEWE back in February, we talked about getting a quail hunt scheduled for the upcoming Fall, seeing as how both of our brands tended to gravitate…

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In Hand: The Tom Beckbe Rucksack

“Backpacks” are a funny subject.  My first thought would be the green JanSport with a leather bottom that I carried in middle and high school.  I think it is still in my parent’s attic.  Good stuff.  There are quite a few folks in the professional world that carry a backpack…

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The Gambler and the Pata-Guccis

By Will Kelly There was a silver fox, flocked in a surly beard and thick mud flap around his collar that reminded me of Kenny Rogers. He was right there in the Desperation Pool. When we pulled up in the truck, there were only about four or five cars in…

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