His: Spring 2014 Wish List

With Spring in full swing, I’m in the process of reorganizing my closet.  Gone are the heavy tweed jackets in favor of cotton, light wool, and linen blends.  The sweaters have started their hibernation and the madras is awake.  This year I’m really digging a simple, classic style  with a traditional feel.  I have a closet full of solid staples, so each year I like to add some splashes of color, as well as some season-appropriate footwear.  Here’s what I’m digging this Spring:

From top left

1. Jack Spade Bryant Sunglasses:  I’ve really been digging the clear frames over the last year or so.  Why not try a pair of sunglasses?  These Jack Spades are a great take on the Wayfarer.
2. Boglioli Linen/Cotton K. Jacket in Blue Plaid:  Since you’ve already got a solid navy blazer in your closet, get something that will go well with a pair of khakis or #10 below.
3. Pendleton Surfster Shorts:  We’ve all got a drawer full of solids, so add something active to the rotation.  Pair these with a white or navy polo and you’ll be in business.
4. Carmina Wolfe Tassel Loafers:  I will never get tired of tassel loafers.  I will also never own too many pairs.  These Carminas for Epaulet feature a braided detail.  It doesn’t get any better than that.
5. Sid Mashburn Madras Popover:  Madras + Cutaway Collar + Popover = Nirvana.
6. Criquet Classic Stripe Polo:  Classic Masters style…and it only gets better with age.  Just avoid the bacon collar.
7. Titleist Vokey SM5 Black Raw Wedge:  I’ve actually worn down the grooves on my 56 degree, so it’s time to replace the butter knife.
8. Deus Ex achina Asteroid Boardshorts:  Something a little different…the design will have folks staring at your shorts.  How inappropriate.
9. New Balance 1300 GGOs:  I had been wearing a darker pair of 1300s that look ridiculous with shorts.  Had to lighten the load.
10. Levi’s White 501 Jeans:  White jeans.  Do it, guys.  It’s time to pull the trigger.  Driving mocs and an oxford.  All you need.  She’ll love it.
11. Patagonia Pullover Better Sweater:  We haven’t hit the consistent 90 degree days yet, which means the nights still get cold.  Be prepared.
12. G/Fore Golf Glove:  It may cost a little more than the traditional Footjoy or Titleist gloves, but it’s so much cooler.

What’s on your Spring wish list?

Alternate T-Shirts

Admittedly, I hardly ever wear t-shirts.  Unless I’m working out, on my way to the pool or beach, sleeping, or lounging after work, I’m almost always in a shirt with a collar.  Now, there are some occasions that call for a t-shirt, so I like to have a couple handy.  These situations allow me to be extremely picky when stocking my t-shirt drawer.  Now, there are plenty of good t-shirt options from a lot of the companies that you see on the sidebar, and I do have a few.  Other than those, I like the old school grey Champion t-shirt with some obscure university’s name arched on the front.

There are a few t-shirts out there that really hit the bullseye.  I like to stock a few of these as you won’t see a lot of them out there…almost ‘unicorn’ style.  You won’t find these in stores, so you’ll have to search (which is one of my favorite things to do).  Here are a few that I have my eye on:

Steal Your Face Braves t-shirt – source: Etsy:

Redd Setter ‘New Prospect’ t-shirt – source: Redd Setter:

2014 Masters Champion Bubba t-shirt – source: Onward Reserve:

Whigs character t-shirt -source: Facebook…hopefully this is offered very soon.

Do you feel the same way?  What alt t-shirts do you have?

Happy Easter

Friday Jam: “Dire Wolf” by the Grateful Dead, Live from the Shoreline Amphitheater

In honor of my degenerate friend coming into town tonight…

“When I awoke, the Dire Wolf
Six hundred pounds of sin
Was grinnin’ at my window
All I said was “come on in” ”

Solid Front Nine: Anything But Khaki Short Pants

Remember when the only khaki pants you could find were either tan, stone, navy, or olive?  (I’m using the term ‘khakis’ to refer to pants like ‘Coke’ to refer to soda…you get it).  Those were dark days…  Even though Nantucket Reds have been around forever, they didn’t get much play down here until five or so years ago.  Now, the pants color spectrum is all over the place thanks to folks like Bonobos and Sid Mashburn.

Shorts, on the other hand, were a couple years in front of their longer cousins in terms of color choices.  While khaki still reigns supreme, color options are starting to cut into the khaki dominance.  And I’m all for it.  Khaki is a the ultimate ‘neutral’, and therefore easy to coordinate an outfit.  No issue there – better safe than sorry, right?  Well, being that I’m a bit bolder in my color palettes, I prefer to avoid khaki shorts, unless it’s what the doctor ordered.  From the solid color perspective, here are the best in the business:

From top left:

1. Southern Proper Club Shorts:  Top of the heap for a reason (RCS review coming soon).  These shorts in Sea Island Green are about as good as it gets.
2. Sid Mashburn Canvas Shorts:  If you haven’t pulled the trigger on a pair of Sid Mashburn canvas shorts, it’s time to get on board.  The fabric develops a patina after a few wears that gives these shorts a really cool character.
3. Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Lightweight Shorts:  Brooks Brothers has really hit it out of the park with their Red Fleece line – a bit more casual and updated than their traditional stuff.  These shorts may need to be brought up a couple inches, but the ‘Crown Blue’ color is spot on.
4. Orvis Twill Shorts:  You can’t ever go wrong with Orvis.
5. Blankenship Dry Goods Freedom Shorts:  A newcomer to the front nine, it’s hard to leave out anything who’s color is named ‘Augusta’.
6. Onward Reserve 7″ Shorts:  About as standard as it gets…7″ inseam, great colors, and a fabric that is extremely soft and not too think.  These are the staples.
7. J. Crew Factory Rivington Shorts:  I’m a huge proponent of the J. Crew Factory shorts.  The price is extremely affordable, and the fabric is a little thinner than most.  They come in a million colors including the pictured ‘Vintage Turquoise’.
8. Patagonia Stand Up Shorts:  I’ve been wearing these for many years, and still go back to the iconic Stand Ups.  Every once in a while they’ll release an alternate color or two, but it looks like the Forge Grey color is here to stay.  Which is a good thing.
9. Chubbies ‘The Derby’ Shorts:  So it’s business in the front and party in the back.  In terms of ‘anything but khaki’, Chubbies sets the bar awful high.

Get Belted – The Smathers & Branson X RCS Needlepoint Belt Giveaway

Now that the Masters has concluded, it is officially Spring.  What does that mean?  Time to add some ‘color’ to our mundane Winter wear.  There isn’t a better way to add that flare than with a nice, crisp Smathers & Branson needlepoint belt.  To celebrate the season, we’re teaming up with the good folks up in Bethesda to give one lucky reader an in-stock needlepoint belt of their choice.

Tell us which one you would choose…  Me?  I’d pick that new Sage Bonefish belt…it is the perfect theme for my upcoming nuptials.

Here are the details:  Leave a comment to this post with an email address to enter.

For additional entries:

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Entries must be in by midnight on Sunday, April 20th.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday, April 21st around lunchtime.

Special thanks to Smathers & Branson for providing the goods for the giveaway…

Yes, More Masters Stuff: My Trip to Augusta, My Stuff, and My Green Jacket

There has been a pretty consistent theme this week: The Masters.  I was lucky enough to score a pass for Wednesday, and really enjoyed it.  Each time I head over for a round, it’s like experiencing the beauty of Augusta National for the first time.  I get giddy.  The place is what I would consider Heaven.  This was my first time at The Masters on a Wednesday, so I got to see some of the Par 3 Tournament.  What a treat.  It’s like watching a cozy version of the original tournament, but with a much more casual feel.  There isn’t much walking around on the Par 3 course, as we were all packed in pretty tight.  I brought in my little handheld camera to take some shots:

Golf cart crossing…at Augusta National…yeah right.

Very impressed with the Smathers & Branson belts.  My two year old green one doesn’t need to be replaced yet, but it’s nice to know that I’ll have the opportunity when the time comes.  The melon option is awesome.

18th fairway.  One of the hardest approach shots in golf.

15, another next-to-impossible approach.

16.  A thing of beauty.

Jimenez.  Cigar in tow.

The prices stay pretty consistent…

I couldn’t resist.

The Par-3 tournament.  A lot of sitters.  That seemed to be the theme – find a place and park.

We all know that the Masters logo is as desirable as any logo out there.  The souvenir tents were packed with good stuff, and I took full advantage.  This haul was less than half of what I brought home…lots of friends wanted something…and they got it.

From top left:

DOF glasses.  Super awesome.
Blue hat.  Something different.
Dated white hat.  Gotta keep the streak alive.
Smathers & Branson front pocket wallet.  No brainer.
Peter Millar polo.  Classic style with a pocket.


While this might not be 100% Masters related, it was a recent thrift store find that I have been looking for for quite some time.  A green blazer:

I’m not planning on adding a Masters patch, I do wear this quite a bit.  The green is perfect; it is essentially a substitute for a blue blazer.  It looks great with any oxford, khakis, or jeans.  I wear it quite a bit, as a nod to a classic style that you don’t see too often.

What’s even better, it is from one of my all-time favorite stores: Luden’s (RIP).

 So what do you think so far?  Did anyone get anything good from The Masters?