Now Available: The JT Spencer X RCS Lifestyle Belt

I’ve been a fan of JT Spencer for quite some time.  They are a belt company that produces custom embroidered belts for country clubs, golf clubs, and has their own line of iconic designs.  I actually have quite a few, mostly custom from Peachtree GC, Sea Island Shooting School, Piedmont Driving Club, and a Georgia flag belt.  I love the price point; the belts are a really high value proposition.  I’d rather buy one of these instead of picking up a shirt from a pro shop.

Steve and I have been buddies for a while – we both have a deep love of golf and The Grateful Dead.  He’s a super cool guy:

How did JT Spencer start? The company began as a little hobby business that had one full time employee and sold belts mostly in the northeast. When the product started to really gain traction the previous owner wasn’t prepared to handle the growth and decided to sell the company. We picked it up and moved it to Richmond, Virginia where we able to improve an already great product by making some much needed changes to the supply chain and manufacturing process. The company has really grown since we took over and looks COMPLETELY different from what it was when we bought it. Its been a ton of hard work, but incredibly rewarding.

What kind of guy is JT Spencer customer? The JT Spencer man is someone who is a sharp casual dresser and lives an active lifestyle. Golfers, outdoorsmen and gentlemen who take pride in what they wear are all the typical JT Spencer customer.

What makes your belts unique? Made in the USA!!!!

What is your favorite design? I’m a long time fan of the Grateful Dead so I love the Dire Wolf belt. The wolf is a sticker that Jerry had on the guitar he used in 1973-74 and 1978. Its one of the more more obscure symbols so I like that about it.

Besides The Masters, what is your favorite tournament to watch? I love the British Open. There is something about seeing the game played by the best players on the planet on a links golf course as it was intended to be played that is very appealing to me.

What do you like to do outside of making belts? My biggest hobby is playing golf. I try to play at least once a week from April though October. I also play music so I spend a lot of time with my guitars. I’m actually just starting to get into guitar building so we’ll see how that goes!

We had talked about doing something together for a while, and I’m very proud to announce that the conversation has become a reality.  As of today, the official Red Clay Soul X JT Spencer lifestyle belt is now available:

This belt embodies all that I love, as well as a monogram (of course).  I chose ‘Tarheel Blue’ because it’s extremely versatile, and you can wear it all year ’round.  Here’t the emblem breakdown:

1.  Golf Green – Yeah, I like to swing the sticks.
2. Rocks Glass – For all of us bourbon drinkers.
3. Fishing Fly – Because there isn’t much better than getting a line in the water.
4. Crossed Shotguns – Bird season(s) is just around the corner…
5. The Dead – Yeah, no explanation needed.
6. The Golden Dog – You’ve all seen #FrankDawg and #GoldieGirl on RCS’s Instagram.
7. The Monogram – I insisted that we include a monogram, at $0 cost to you!  We want this belt to be YOURS, as this belt is to celebrate the lifestyle that we all love.

Get yours today!  Click here to place your order.


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  • MRS07/10/2017 - 9:39 AM

    Glad to see you feature JT Spencer.  Great belts and totally agree on the value proposition.  I don’t think you can get a better belt for the price.  I have two of these belts (blue dancing bears on an orange background; state of FL flags) and have been more than pleased.  My wife had a custom Smathers and Branson belt made for me as a wedding gift, which holds a lot of sentimental value obviously, but its gotten less and less wear since I picked up the JT belts.  They are a better product at half the price.ReplyCancel



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