Filson X Sebago – New Stuff

I’m a complete sucker for Filson.  I started using a 257 years ago, and that was the gateway to my current collection (more on that later).  Sebago and Filson have been collaborating for quite some time, first releasing the Knight boots.  I snagged a pair, and have worn them quite a bit.  Lightweight, good with jeans and khakis…you get the point.

The pair just released a few new pieces that are absolutely outstanding.  I really like how the forest green wool and the classic Filson tan canvas go together.  Same with the green Cruiser – the leather touches expand the reach of this jacket.  Sebago really is a good match for Filson, as the touches dress up the pieces just a bit.

Duffle Bag

Medium Field Bag

Cruiser Coat

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