Encore: Top of the Heap – F.E. Castleberry from Unabashedly Prep

You thought the ‘Top of the Heap’ series was over?  Wrong.  Nothing is over until I say it’s over.  For our encore, F.E. Castleberry from Unabashedly Prep was nice enough to share what sits at the top of his stack.  You all know him from Unabashedly Prep, the New York based blog that highlights outstanding preppy street style.  Be careful if you are ever in the city, you may get a friendly tap on the shoulder…

If I’m crowning my favorite piece in my wardrobe by the simple criteria of what I wear the most, that jewel would be my vintage Omega Seamaster wrist watch. In the spring it rests on nylon and alligator in the fall. It’s low profile and weathered face maintain an understated presence on my wrist while garnering the occasional inconspicuous compliment. I bought this used from an American Indian chief. He wore this eccentric, yet traditional, southwestern band dotted with turquoise accents with it…which might explain why I got a good deal on it. – F.E. Castleberry, 2013

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  • Greg02/13/2013 - 6:37 PM

    This watch is outstanding!ReplyCancel

  • Scott02/14/2013 - 12:55 PM

    Have a seamaster very similar to this with a nylon band as well!ReplyCancel



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