A Must Have: The Tory Leather Silver Hoof Pick Belt

I talk about belts a lot.  I know.  The thing is, I can’t remember the last time I wore a plain leather belt with a plain buckle.  I always wear a belt that is either an exotic leather, a monogrammed buckle, something needlepoint or woven, or something embroidered.  No joke.  Everyday.

I’ve been wearing a hoof pick belt since I found Orvis’ Ferrier belt way back when.  It’s a great belt, but has a brass buckle.  There’s nothing wrong with this, but it has an upper limit on how much I can dress it up.  Maybe because the pick isn’t shiny…I don’t know.  I wear it all the time with jeans, boots, and a sport coat, but again, nothing too dressy.

Tory Leather recently released a very affordable option with a polished silver hoof pick, and I couldn’t resist.  I have seen these in mens stores both online and in person, but they fall in the $125-$150 range, which is too rich for my blood.  The $35 price tag on this bad boy is a no-brainer.

Beyond the polished silver buckle, the leather color of the leather is a very nice medium brown, which matches most of my loafers.  The call it ‘oakbark’, but I’ll call it almond.  This goes great with jeans of any color, navy, tan, or green khakis, and any color shorts.  From a fit standpoint, it is just a bit tighter than the traditional 2″ delta.  I wear a 32 or 33″ waist, and a 36″ belt is just right – it fastens to the middle hole.  I can’t recommend this one enough, readers.

La Matera Giveaway

I couldn’t be happier to announce that La Matera has jumped on board as a partner on Red Clay Soul.  I absolutely love their belts; the style is mature enough to wear with just about everything – jeans, shorts, khakis, etc.  The Brooklyn based company is run by brothers Alex and Brook Stroud, and they are taking off.  Their belts harken from the feelings of southern Argentina, including the rustic lifestyle, rugged charm, and the elegance of their traditional woven fabrics.  You’ll be seeing quite a bit more of these guys…so get on board.  To celebrate our partnership, we’re doing a giveaway for any in stock belt:

Here are the details:  leave a comment to this post with an email address to enter.

For additional entries:

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Entries must be in by noon on Wednesday, March 19th.  I’ll announce the winner on Thursday, March 20th around lunchtime.  The lucky winner gets a La Matera belt of their choice.

Special thanks to La Matera for providing the goods for the giveaway…

A Trip to Scott Antique Market

Here in Atlanta, we have the mecca of all Antique Markets the second weekend of every month.  Scott is just south of the city, housed in two gigantic buildings on either side of 285 off Jonesboro Road.  By gigantic I mean the size of four Wal Marts.  They have it partitioned into booths, where all sorts of dealers peddle their wares.  There is a lot more good stuff than bad, and negotiating is absolutely acceptable.  My fee-yonce and I went on Saturday and really enjoyed ourselves.  Here is some of the good stuff I saw:

Brass dogs…extremely cool but extremely expensive.  Imagine these boys in your office…

Some cool dapper dudes.  Framed and ready to go…$75 a pop.  We didn’t pull the trigger but came close.

Very cool old table.  I believe they call it ‘French Countryside’.  I don’t care what they call it…it is awesome:

Gold and ruby fox cufflinks and tuxedo buttons.  Seriously awesome.  Not $1500 awesome, though.  I did not come home with these…

Saw a bunch of old watches, most at the Hamilton / Boliva  ceiling.  Almost came home with a really nice Hamilton gold tank for the future Mrs.

I’m not really a chest guy, but these look good:

12 seater…for those times you need to seat 12 people.

We did come home with this to hang above our bar.  Its a window from an old cotton mill that has been all mirrored up.  It looks great.

And she REALLY wanted to come home with these cluster earrings.  I got the lady’s card…

Heavy duty bench with hay-seed bag pillows.

More brass…this time in the form of a lion.

Great looking piece that a buddy might use as a pantry:

Such a cool picture.  It sold about 30 minutes before I saw it.  Shame.

Early Spring 2014

A lot of my winter stuff is starting to make it’s way to storage.  Almost all of my heavy flannel shirts are packed away, along with scarves, gloves, and heavy coats.  We are entering into layering season, and it’s time to bring the brighter colors out of hibernation.  It isn’t hot yet, but it’s warming up.  Here’s what to look out for over the next couple months:

From top left:

1. KP MacLane Crewneck Sweater: The latest release from the great folks at KP MacLane.  It’s an extremely soft cotton sweater that acts as the perfect layer for early Spring.  She may borrow this one from you…quite a bit.
2. Ledbury Reid Gingham Shirt:  Ahh…the spring checks.  Ledbury does it right with the brighter blue and green gingham.
3. Allen Edmonds Lake Shore Drive Tassel Loafers:  Now is the perfect time of year to get a good pair of loafers that will last through fall.  Get some miles on them early so they don’t look brand new when you sport these #sanssocks.
4. Red’s Outfitters Campbell Sunglasses:  A great pair of tortoise glasses in that classic wayfarer style never go out of style.
5. Martin Dingman Joseph Alligator Credit Card Case:  I’m a huge proponent of the front pocket wallet, and this one is excellent.  The alligator gives it an upper-crust style, and it won’t give you a bulge.
6. Billy Reid Organic Cotton Socks:  If you have to wear socks, get some good ones.
7. Levis 501 Jeans:  Levi’s has been doing great work with their washed and dyed denim.  This lighter grey option is a great transition from the tans and darker blues that you’ve been sporting all winter long.
8. Jack Spade Harrington Waxed Cotton Jacket:  A diet version of a Barbour; Jack Spade’s Harrington is almost like a letter jacket – the shorter cut and the waxed cotton will protect you from the Spring showers in style.
9. “Hearts on Fire” by the Dirty Guv’nahs:  Spring is as much about mood as anything else, and the new album from Knoxville’s finest is just what the doctor ordered.
10. Southern Session Blonde Ale from Jekyll Brewery:  Start enjoying the lighter beers at your next party at the moon tower in lieu of those darker ones you’ve been downing all winter.
11. Smathers & Branson Chain Link Needlepoint Eyeglasses Case:  A good collapsable eyeglasses case is a necessity for storing your glasses when the sun goes down.  You wouldn’t want those lenses scratched…
12. Franklin Professional Marbled Bocce Set:  Yes, you play games, but you mean business.  Enjoy this classy alternative to corn hole.
13. Tory Leather Hoofpick Belt:We’ve all got the brass version, but Tory’s recent nickel release will give any outfit an upgrade.

The Oscars, aka The Show I Didn’t Watch

We live in a world where pop stars are considered the top of food chain. My disagreement with this is another subject all together.  I think actors are great, but that’s all they are: actors. Sunday night was the annual Oscars Awards Ceremony. This is can be an essentially boring, self-absorbed event that celebrates their craft.  Personally, I don’t have nine hours to watch the event.  I believe that you can get everything you need in about fifteen minutes.  Who won, any show highlights, and unlimited ‘best dressed’ lists.  Now, I do love a good tuxedo, and the Oscars always has some good stuff.  Here are what I consider to be the best of the best:

Benedict Cumberbatch not only has the coolest name of anyone attending the Oscars, but he does a black three piece just right.  It’s a  very classic look with peak lapels and a black satin necktie with a point collar.  Sharp as a tack, boys.

Kevin Spacey, aka Frank ‘FU’ Underwood, does the Navy blue tuxedo the way it’s supposed to be done.  I really like adding a little flare to the penguin suit, and this blue stands out in a subtle way.

Another example of ‘standing out’ on Chris Hemsworth. The dark burgundy jacket and vest isn’t something you see everyday (and that’s the point), but works with the traditional black pants and shoes, white shirt, and black bow tie.  Extra credit for a perfect pocket square.  Even more extra credit goes to his glowing better half, Elsa Pataky, who looked stunning.

And Wooderson…I’m a huge fan of the white dinner jacket, and this is perfect.  The black vest and black pocket square give it just enough contrast, and his blow tie is putting on a clinic.  One thing: his pants are about an inch too long, but it does give him the opportunity to wear them with cowboy boots.  Extra credit for thanking God during his acceptance speech.  Top notch.

Images: Google Image Search

High Five

Well, Spring is in the air.  There are all sorts of great things hitting the web and hitting the shelves.  While my bank account and closet can’t handle all of them, there are a few things that are really standing out, and may make the cut.

1. Sid Mashburn Blue Peppers Liberty Shirt: No doubt that Liberty makes some of the coolest floral designs out there.  There seems to be a shift in menswear that is much more friendly to this type of shirt, and I’m 100% on board.  It’s not a Hawaiian shirt, but instead a lightweight oxford by Sid Mashburn that can be worn alone, untucked with a pair of white shorts, or in the winter under a sweater.

2. Filson 72-Hour Briefcase:  What a great idea.  My 258 is great, but it is only good for a night (maybe two).  This one is made of tin cloth rather than canvas, so it’s a bit lighter.  The two big front pockets will give you room for your toiletries in one, and your cords and entertainment in the other.  One thing I would change is the shoulder strap – I prefer the leather option over the nylon.

3. Wm Lamb & Son GSP Belt:  This is my favorite design that The Dude has ever done.  I carried a phone case with this design until it wore out, and really pumped to see this on a belt.  How appropriate this time of year…a punch of color (that isn’t fish related) with this orange option from Wm Lamb.

4. Chromexcel Leather Strap for the Panerai:  I am slowly accumulating a bunch of straps for my Panerai, and am in the market for a lighter brown one that will look good during the warmer months.  Etsy has proven to be an excellent source, including this chromexcel option.

5. Al Green – “Lay It Down”:  Some friends came over from Birmingham a few weekends ago and they introduced us to this album.  Released in 2009, this was Al Green’s first non-gospel release in years, and it is absolutely outstanding.  Great music for late night, or during dominos tournaments.  Trust me.

New Garment Bags from Hudson Sutler

Head’s up, folks – the good people over at Hudson Sutler have expanded their already stellar lineup to include a collection of three garment bags.  These bags are available in three of their most popular colorways: the Yorktown, in Navy blue and red, the Lowell, in grey and Navy blue, and the Hatteras, in khaki and Navy blue.

What’s great about garment bags?  They are the perfect compliment to a weekender.  Whether you are driving or flying, these are essential for carrying your hanging clothes to ensure a wrinkle-free delivery.  Fold them up and they fit in an overhead compartment, or lay them flat in your trunk…either way, your goods will be good when you get there.

Features of the Garment Bags:

  • 18 oz canvas exteriors
  • Fold-able for easy carry
  • Silver nickel hardware
  • Thick rust-proof, resin zipper prevents those infuriating “stuck zipper” moments
  • Specs:  Garment Bag: 41’’H x 24’’W

Check ‘em out:

The Yorktown (‘Merican’)

The Lowell (‘James Bond’)

The Hatteras (‘The Dude’)

Named after civilian merchants who sold provisions to armies during the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, HudsonSutler is a New York-based line of travel gear that prides itself on offering durable products with eye-catching aesthetics. After seeing a void in the marketplace for stylish, yet resilient, duffel bags that function from daily commuting to long weekend traveling, former Wall Street trader, Grant Hewit, founded the brand in 2011.

Hudson Sutler’s repertoire includes an assortment of high quality, hard-wearing duffel bags (available in two sizes: Commuter and Weekender), dopp kits and iPad cases for both men and women. Made with washable, heavy duty 18oz canvas, Hudson Sutler products are available in vibrant colors, with handsome printed linings, rustproof resin zippers and durable nickel hardware.

With names such as Yorktown, Savannah, ‘Sconset, Lake Placid and Hatteras, these heritage-inspired products are born to travel, bred with history and are ready to be lived in. Here’s to the next escape.

For more information, please visit: www.hudsonsutler.comFacebookTwitterPinterest, or Instagram @HudsonSutler.