AT-AT Day Afternoon

I may be a little late, but I just came across this video…for those of you that like dogs AND Star Wars, this is for you…

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The After Christmas Sale Roundup

It’s time for some after Christmas shopping.  If you feel like I do this morning (see above), some online shopping for the Mrs. and me might be a good way to recover after our food comas.  Lots of good stuff going on, folks, and I’ve tried to capture as much as I can.  Did I miss anything?  Leave a comment with other sales of note and I’ll update accordingly.

Here we go:

Mr. Porter is having their annual 50% off sale.  There is so much stuff…almost overwhelming.  Check out this Boglioli unstructured cashmere blend blazer – absolutely awesome.

East Dane is doing their big after Christmas sale – up to 70% off TONS of stuff.  Want a good deal?  Check out these Naked & Famous Selvedge Khaki Twill jeans for $108.

J. Crew is 30% off all new items, and 40% off sale.  How about this great winter Lambswool Snowflake sweater for $48?  Lookin’ good.

Steven Alan just added an extra 25% off all of their sale items.  Awesome stuff – including Barbour, New Balance, Levi’s, among a TON of others.

Banana Republic is 50% off EVERYTHING.  Don’t laugh – they have been killing it this year.

Brooks Brothers is having their semi-annual up to 50% off sale, and an extra 15% off through December 27th.  Oh – and they are also doing their 3 for $189 dress shirt sale…now is the time to stock up!  My pick: these Rancourt Gentleman’s Loafers in brown suede.  You won’t believe the price.  Awesome.

Billy Reid just loaded up their sale section.  There is a ton of really great stuff, but check out these Chestnut Crosby’s for under three bills…

Ledbury just loaded up their sale section…serious shirts/jackets/sweaters/ties at some serious discounts (50-60%).  My favorite: the Billings Check jacket at more than 50% off.

Orvis just started their 60% off Winter sale.  They just marked my Puff Daddy jacket 30% off…go get some!

Jack Spade just added another 25% off their sale items.  Check out the waxed twill cargo duffle for $171…a really good deal.

Levi’s is having their end-of-season 25% off sale.  Lots of 501s to check out

Lumina Clothing‘s sale section is getting some serious action.

Nordstrom Rack has added an extra 25% off clearance items.  Want a good deal?  How about this Peter Millar Oxford Check tie for $13?  Beat that…

Nordstrom just started their clearance sale – save up to 50%.  Great spot to find some staples and the like.

Bloomingdales is having their After Christmas Sale and Clearance sale – up to 75% off items.  Go quick: Bloomingdales cashmere sweaters for  $109.  With or without elbow patches.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than that…

Neiman Marcus Last Call is having their one-day After Christmas sale – an EXTRA 30-60% off EVERYTHING . 108 pages of Mens sale stuff.  Good luck!

Most stuff at The Gap is already up to 60% off, and today they are doing an extra 35% off…seriously.


Atlantic Drift is doing their After Christmas Sale – 25% off everything with the code WINTER

Southern Proper is offering 25% off your entire purchase from the entire site.

Up to 60% off at the Belstaff sale…seriously awesome stuff.  Can you say tartan waxed cotton?


So what did I miss?  Leave a comment below and I’ll update the list accordingly…

Merry Christmas from Red Clay Soul-land

Merry Christmas, Red Clay Soul readers.  I’m very grateful for all of you.  Y’all are number one in my book…

How I’d Do It: Puffed Out Tweed

Down here in Atlanta, we are in that weird time of year when it’s 35 when we wake up, but 55 when we clock out.  That temperature variation makes it a little tough to find something work-able all day long.  A solution that I like?  A puffer vest over a tweed jacket.  This is traditionally a pretty preppy look, which I guess is OK, but I like the functionality of it.  Maybe I’m becoming more utilitarian in my old age…

Tweed jackets have been dusted off and in my rotation since Thanksgiving.  I recently added this Gentleman’s Jacket from Southern Proper, and it fits into the rotation very nicely.  I really like the unlined body, as well as the updated fit.  For the puffer, I have a couple that get some wear, including a royal blue Outback vest from Penfield, and this Masters green Varsity Vest from Southern Proper.  It’s not as bulky as the Penfield, so it goes well over the tweed jacket.  The vest also adds quite a few more pockets to the ensemble, as well as a punch of color.  Pair this with good jeans and dress shoes for a very smart look, or with boots for when you need to rock.

What say you?

Ebay Find: The Motherload of Vintage Louis Vuitton & Goyard Steamer Trunks

You all know that I like to dabble on the Ebay, and every once in a while you come across something that is out of this world.  Ebay is a lot like a ratty flea market.  90% junk, but there are some hidden gems.  Well, this morning I stumbled upon a lot of 15 vintage Louis Vuitton and Goyard Steamer Trunks.  They are set up as a ‘buy it now’ for $99,999.99.  I have no idea if this is a good deal, even for flippers, but I can say that the Mrs. and I will not be making the purchase.  We hate checking luggage, and I don’t think any of these would fit into the overhead bin.

Anyway, they really are spectacular pieces.  There are about 100 pictures in the auction description, but here are some of my favorites:

**I have no affiliation with this auction, other than the results of a search for ‘vintage goyard’ on Ebay.

Holiday Party Getup

I got an interesting question the other day: “What do I wear to a Holiday (Christmas) party?”.  It’s actually a really good questions.  Mrs. RCS and I have had a few over the past couple weeks, and we have another one this weekend.  My answer is three fold: First, wear something festive, but don’t go too deep on the GTH scale.  Second, don’t overdress.  Third, bring a gift for the host (I know that has nothing to do with the outfit, but it’s as important).  Here is what I sported to a party hosted at a co-worker’s house, where the dress code was labeled as “informal, casual party attire”:

From top left:

1. Gant Rugger 3/2 Roll Plaid Wool Jacket: I found this jacket in the sale section at East Dane; it is awesome.  This is the ‘festive’ part of the outfit.  The red plaid negates the need to wear a Santa hat.
2. Ledbury Royal Twill Dress Shirt:  A crisp, white dress shirt makes every outfit look a little more formal.
3. Belstaff Roadmaster Jacket:  Yeah, it’s cold at night, and my Belstaff has become my go-to.
4. Tory Leather English Bridle Spur Belt:  I love this belt (and the fact that it is on sale for $28!!).  The buckle is interesting, and the 1″ width gives it a dressier look.
5. APC New Standard Jeans:  As good as it gets with high-end jeans.  APC’s denim wears very well.
6. Sid Mashburn Chelsea Boots:  The Chelsea Boots give the outfit a sports car look…a little more streamlined.
7. Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon:  For the host and his wife…don’t show up with two-buck-chuck.  They may not invite you back next year…

Hands On: Strong Suit

I had the pleasure of meeting Jamie Davidson earlier this Fall when he was in town for his trunk shows at H.Stockton.  Jamie runs Strong Suit, a boutique-esqe suit company based in Little Rock.  They specialize in made-to-measure, but have a few seasonal pieces that are available off-the-rack.  This fall, they offer a few suits in various fabrics, as well as a few sport coats.

Jamie was nice enough to send me this grey plaid jacket for a hands-on review.  My first impression is how nice the fabric feels.  It is extremely soft wool with a subtle brown plaid.  It is a luxurious Fall and Winter neutral that is a nice replacement for the darker solids.  The details in the construction are outstanding:

The pick-stitching is a great touch, which shows off the great construction of the jacket.  Besides that, the additional ticket pocket and the working cuff buttons are a top-shelf option for an off-the-rack jacket.

Inside the jacket is more than what you’d expect from a jacket at this price point.  It looks like a custom piece and includes more pockets that you’ll need.  Your date will appreciate this.  Also, I don’t know what it is about the Ozark boys, but including a quote is an appropriate nod to the heritage lifestyle.  My man Martin Dingman does this as well.

The construction of the jacket is really what sets it apart.  The jacket is fully canvased, so it will form to your shape over time.  The fit is tailored, but not slim.  From a sizing perspective, it is very similar to the J. Crew Ludlow line.  The jacket is very comfortable to wear; the soft shoulders, the high armpits and the higher top button allow a much more functional fit rather than a piece of outerwear.  The Strong Suit jackets retail for $495 off the rack, and the suits retail for $695 – that includes the made-to-measure pieces as well.  You’ll be hard-pressed to find a jacket at this level of quality for a lower price.

Strong Suit is popping up at some of the nicest mens stores all over the Southeast:

Atlanta: H. Stockton
Auburn (& Montgomery): The Locker Room
Clemson: M. Frank
Charleston: Grady Ervin & Co.
Charlotte: Taylor Richards Conger
Dallas: Pockets
Greenville: Rush Wilson
Jackson: Great Scott
Knoxville: M.S. McLellan
Memphis: James Davis
New Orleans (& Baton Rouge): George Bass
Raleigh: Liles

Next time you are in the neighborhood, give ‘em a look.  Oh – and they offer tuxedos as well.  In black AND NAVY.