And we are down to two in the Vinegar Sauce bracket of the Peach State Pride X RCS #GeorgiaBBQ Bracket Challenge…  Zeb’s and Hot Thomas are facing off for their chance in the final four vs. some HEAVY competition.  Let’s see what we’ve got!  Voting ends on Sunday night at 10PM, so let’s hear it!


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Masters Prep

If you are lucky enough to have a ticket to The Masters, there is a certain look you need to go for: comfortable, but appropriate.  The same look works for either a practice round on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, as well as any of the tournament rounds.  Remember, as a patron, you are an abassedor of one of the greatest sporting events all year, and you don’t want to be that guy…

You’ll see guys there in attire that looks like they are ready to tee off…all technical gear, neon, and golf shoes.  Avoid this at all costs.  You aren’t there to play, you are there to watch and enjoy.  Given that your first stop will be at the merchandise tent, you’ll have a bag full of goodies, but don’t break them out on the course.  It’s like wearing a t-shirt of the band you are going to see.  Be yourself.  Comfort and utility come into play; here’s how to do it:

1. A Good Hat:  Go with something good.  I prefer white hats, and this South Carolina hat by State Traditions will do the trick.  They are made by the same company that makes the Masters hats, so you know it’ll fit.
2. A Cool Belt:  You’ll see belts from all over the place: country clubs, Argentinian polo belts, needlepoints, etc.  Don’t get left in the dust…bring out the big guns and show a little flare.
3. A Comfortable Polo:  Pay some respect to the course and wear a collared shirt.  Something comfortable and lightweight is just what the doctor ordered.  These new polos by Onward Reserve feature a subtle logo (thank the Lord) and look great even after eight hours of walking around the grounds.
4. A Great Pair of Sunglasses:  It is going to be sunny, so protect your eyes.  A trick here: don’t wear the $300 Persols.  Instead, go with something that won’t break the bank if they don’t make it home with you.
5. An Appropriate Pair of Shorts:  By ‘appropriate’, I mean nice, and with the right inseam.  Board shorts and the long dongs should NOT be worn at Augusta National.  Sid Mashburn knows a thing or two about the right inseam, and his lightweight twills will hit the spot.
6. A Koozie:  Even though the beers only cost a few bucks, they do warm up in the Georgia heat.  Bring a koozie to keep them cold.
7. A Rain Jacket:  Don’t let a rain shower deter your trip to The Masters.  They’ll keep playing as long as there isn’t any lightning, so bring something packable that will allow you to stay out on the course.  This Penfield jacket is what you are looking for.
8. A Comfortable Pair of Shoes:  Probably the most important item on the list; you’ll be walking EVERYWHERE.  From the car deep in the parking lot to the course, up and down the galleries, all over the grounds…your feet will thank you after you’ve racked up a few miles.

What did I miss?


Wow – we definitely saw the power of Social Media yesterday…congratulations to the winners in the Great Eight servings…we are down to four in the Vinegar Sauce bracket.  Great BBQ spots vying for a spot in the overall Final Four, which will be held next week in conjunction with The Masters.

Voting in the final four will end on Friday night at 10PM ET, so let’s keep it going!


Orvis Offshore Pima Polo

Pima cotton…3-button placket…stitched collar, and un-banded sleeves…all for under $60?  Well done, Orvis.


Down to the Great Eight in the final of the four Peach State Pride X RCS #GeorgiaBBQ Bracket Challenge.  We had some close races, which proves that every vote counts!  This round is a quickie – voting ends tonight at 10PM, so tell yo mama, and tell yo friends to vote!


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Peter Millar X Red Clay Soul Masters Giveaway

Well, by this point you should be sensing a theme – The Masters is close, and we are celebrating…BIG time. This week we are teaming up with Peter Millar for a great giveaway that should get you in the Masters spirit.  You are all familiar with Peter Millar – they are the preferred shirt you go for adorned with your club’s logo.  The Raleigh, NC company is expanding way beyond on-course attire; a quick glimpse of their catalogue proves that their off-course gear is an excellent addition to the #menswear discussion.  Much more on Peter Millar’s evolution later…

We are giving away a midnight blue Stokes Striped polo shirt that Peter Millar player Brandon Grace is wearing on Thursday at The Masters, and we are going to throw in a white Raleigh, NC hat and a Peter Millar koozie.  You’ll look as good as anyone else on the course; but we can’t guarantee that looking this good will lower your score.  Or maybe it will…

Leave a comment to this post to enter.  For additional entries:

The giveaway ends at midnight on Sunday, April 5th.  We’ll announce a winner on Monday the 6th around lunchtime.

Special thanks to Peter Millar for providing the goods for the giveaway.




Well, a BIG congratulations to Big Shanty up in Kennesaw for securing their place in the overall Final Four of the first annual Peach State Pride X RCS #GeorgiaBBQ Bracket Challenge.  They join Southern Soul and Holcombs.

To round out the Final Four, we are down to our last bracket: the Vinegar Sauce.  We’ve got quite a few heavy hitters in this round, so every vote is going to count…  Voting for this first round ends at 10PM ET on Tuesday, so let’s hear it!


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