Atlanta: Res Ipsa X Peter Millar Trunk Show TOMORROW

Folks – drop by H. Stockton’s Midtown location tomorrow between noon and 8PM and check out the Res Ipsa and Peter Millar trunk show.  Check out the new summer loafers and bags from Atlanta’s Res Ipsa, and all the Spring goods from Peter Millar.  See you there!

Off-Season Find: The Penfield Landis Toggle Coat

So as most of you readers know, I am a bargain hunter.  I’ve talked about it in the past, and will continue to talk about it in the future.  One of my favorite things to do is find pieces in the off-season, as the prices are generally much lower than rack rate.  The majority of pieces I buy are traditional, and don’t necessarily go ‘out of style’.

We had a nasty winter in Atlanta this year.  It was cold at Thanksgiving, and didn’t warm up until March.  That is rare for Atlanta, as the ‘cold’ portion of our winters are usually only a couple months.  My problem is that I didn’t have a heavy duty winter coat.  The Barbours and Belstaffs are good, but they don’t provide the type of warmth needed for below freezing temperatures.

From this perspective, I was looking for a jacket that is first and foremost a functional, and very warm jacket.  I also wanted a coat that could stand rain and snow, so I didn’t want a wool coat.  Lastly, I wanted something that I can wear in a professional environment.  No ski jacket.

Being a huge Penfield fan, I started looking around online sale racks to see what was out there.  It didn’t take long for me to land on the Landis.  What a great looking jacket…down filled, the great 60/40 fabric that Penfield is known for, and a navy blue toggle style coat.  And the price?  Under $200.  From a sizing perspective, I wear a 40R coat and a size M in Brooks Brothers sweaters, so I went with a size Medium, and it fits perfectly…enough room to wear over a sport coat or over a bulky sweater with out looking like the Michelin Man.

Keep an eye out…I’m on the hunt for some other off-season finds, and I’ll post them as they come in.  What are you looking for?

Boston (Strong) Marathon

Today is the 119th running of the Boston Marathon.  For obvious reasons there is a national sense of pride for all the runners.  Did you know that over a half million spectators watch the race?  It’s the biggest sporting event in New England…  Good luck to all of you today…run well, and know that this corner of Atlanta pulling for you all.

Time did an excellent piece on some historical photos of past Boston Marathons (like the one above from 1983).  Enjoy!

The Criquet Shirts Tailgate Collection

Alright, alright, alright…the boys from Criquet Shirts are at it again.  They have just launched their Tailgate Collection for pre-sale.  What is the Tailgate Collection, you might ask?  Well, the answer is simple: the excellent Criquet Player’s Shirts that you’ve come to know and love in your favorite college colors.  For example, here is “Glory, Glory”:

What is even cooler is that they are doing the shirts in a Gustin Denim-like crowd funding for the shirts, so they are taking discounted pre-0rders now through April 30th, and if funded, you’ll have your shirt(s) in hand by the time toe meets leather.  They have quite a few schools in the hopper…some of the shirt names:

Eye of the Tiger
Tribute to Troy
Ol’ Sarge
The Cock Pit
The #18
Hard Edge
Toomer’s Corner
Sic ‘Em
The Yellowhammer
The 40 Acres
Riff Ram

See the entire collection here…and tell all  your friends…

Head’s Up: 25% off EVERYTHING at Jack Spade

Head’s up folks – Jack Spade is having their Friends and Family sale, and EVERYTHING (including sale items) are an additional 25% off.  Huge opportunity here, folks…

Let me know what you get.

Red Clay Soul Review: The J. Crew Ludlow Penny Loafers

I’ve been looking for a pair of loafers.  A specific pair of loafers.  I have had all sorts in the past, and still have some of them, but they didn’t meet the criteria of what I was looking for:  dress loafers, shiny leather, chestnut color, and Goodyear welted.  On a recent trip to J. Crew with Mrs. RCS, I came across these Ludlow loafers, and the deal was sealed.

These aren’t Aldens, they aren’t Bass penny loafers.  They aren’t shell cordovan, nor are they saddle leather.  They are exactly what I’m looking for.  The rounded toe gives it a tassel loafer look, and the partial strap keeps it cool.  They are built as well as any loafers in the rotation, and the price point was right where I wanted it to be: $298 (and I got 30% off because they were having a not-so-rare sale).

From a sizing perspective, I usually wear a 9D in almost every dress shoe, but had to get a 9.5D in these.  Keep that in mind if you are ordering online.  I plan on wearing these to a buddy’s wedding next month with a tan suit.  Beyond that, the leather is just the right color for this time of year.  J. Crew calls it ‘English Tan’.  I’ll be able to wear them with shorts and an oxford, jeans and a sport coat, and khakis and a tie to church.  I have a feeling these will break in very nicely, and will polish up to look better than they do now.  Nothing like a good patina…  I can’t recommend these enough, folks.  If you are in the market for a good, versatile pair of loafers, look no further.

More images:


Now it’s time to put these bad boys to work…

Spring Action at Orvis

I really like how some standard brands are really making headway in the #menswear arena.  One of those is Orvis.  The typical thought around Orvis was formally only for hunting, fishing, and good leather goods.  While that is still the case, a walk around their store or flipping through their catalog shows their expansion to all facets of life, and not only in menswear, but for the ladies as well.  Orvis is a brand that is associated with trust, and has become a standard in my closet.

With Spring in full swing, here’s the action going on at Orvis to keep you looking good and feeling cool:

 From top left:

1. Offshore Pima Cotton Polo:  I’m really into this really soft and washed pima cotton.  It is extremely comfortable and the stitched collar gives it a dressed-up look.  Pair this with #7 and you are ready for some serious patio action.
2. Havana Linen Short-Sleeved Shirt:  I use these shirts for any time I’m around a body of water.  I put it on top of a swimsuit (#8) and fasten as few buttons as possible.  Maybe it’s a little Miami Vice, but I don’t care.  I’m all about comfort and functionality when I’m on the beach – or more specifically at the beachside bar.  No shirt no service.
3. Long-Sleeved Pure Linen Shirt:  Let’s keep the linen thing going…a long sleeve linen dress shirt should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe.  The texture and colors are perfect for this time of year.  Pair this with a pair of khakis (#9) and date night becomes really breezy.
4. drirelease Long-Sleeved Zipneck Casting Shirt:  While these are built for fishing, they work just as well as a utility shirt.  I wear these to work out, or as something to throw on over a pair of shorts (#10) for eggs and toast at breakfast.  Do not pair these with athletic shorts unless you are working out.  Ever.
5. Persol Havana Keyhole Slim Sunglasses:  Always have a pair of sunglasses ready between sunrise and sunset and don’t ever skimp on shades.
6. Waxed Cotton Sailing Belt: There are a lot of good leather or needlepoint options available, but why not go with something really unique?  This Navy blue sailing belt will go with everything, and give a little kick to your outfit.
7. Delave Linen Shorts:  If you can’t tell, I’m big on linen this Spring.  They are extremely comfortable, and perfect for this time of year.  They breath nicely and have a good texturized look.  Don’t worry too much about the wrinkles; you can take some time with a warm iron to smooth them out a bit.
8. Swim Trunks:  Basic, bright, and the perfect inseam.  Everything you need in the right pair of swim trunks…along with a nice price point.
9. Ultimate Trim Fit Khakis:  Orvis has done a huge amount of work to get their khakis just right…and then they released a trim fit version.  Check and mate.
10. Signature Twill Cotton Shorts:  I don’t think anyone has better washes than Orvis.  They did Surfwashed a while back, and have expanded since.  They gave their signature twills a nice wash this year, putting these Poppy shorts at the top of the list.
11. Encounter Wading Jacket:  It’s going to rain this Spring, so be prepared…and where else would you go for outerwear?
12. Indestructible Field Watch:  How about a watch that works in every situation?  Dates, the lake, or hitting the course…you’ll always know what time it is…
13. Sebago Kedge Tie Moccasins:  You’ll need some kickers that will finish off every outfit, from work on the patio, the beachside bar, date night, or a breakfast stop.  These drivers hit all the right notes.
14. Travel Cooler:  Springtime and coolers go together like, well, springtime and coolers.  Always have one handy…and this one is on serious sale…

What are you digging from Orvis?