1000 Words: Social Primer Show

My friend Cooper, one of Charleston’s finest and the proprietor of Social Primer, is up to his old antics again.  Last week he hosted a fashion show showcasing ‘The Evening Suit,’  his American made-to-order collection.  It is outstanding.  Flamboyant but very wearable.  And as is the case with any of his events, Cooper knows how to throw a party.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Red Clay Soul and I couldn’t make it to this one…but we’ll be at the Founder’s Ball this weekend.  To say that we are excited would be a gross understatement.

Now for the fashion show…check out the goods:

And some great behind the scenes shots…

Great work, Cooper.  Thanks for sending along the images for us to enjoy ourselves and share with everyone.


Serious Sunday Sales

Good morning folks…Lots of good stuff out there today…

Brooks Brothers is having their annual 25% off Friends and Family sale…Go here for the sale, and use code FF25.  I’m seriously digging this Shetland sweater…after the sale it’ll be $75.  Awesome deal.

J. Crew is doing 25% off as well…everything.  Plus – they are doing an EXTRA 30% off Final Sale stuff.  Check out this belt from Wallace and Barnes…under $80 after the sale.  In the Final Sale section, how does a chambray sport coat sound for under $120?  Pretty good to me…

Onward Reserve just added a ton of stuff to their sale section…including Barbour, Cotton Brothers, Filson, Lucchese, and Martin Dingman.  Serious stuff going on here, folks.  They still have a few sizes of the Lucchese Caiman Alligator boots (for only $1000!!).

Neiman Marcus Last Call is offering 35% off one item this weekend.  That’s pretty serious, especially when you can get a cashmere V-neck sweater for $107.  Me?  I like the color option Putty.

Lumina Clothing just added some new items to their sale section…check out the Banks sweater in bright burgundy for $54.

Someone please buy this Jack Spade waxed twill cargo duffle before I do.  Seriously.

Allen Edmonds just added a bunch of new shoes and sizes to their sale section.  I like the dark brown suede Patriot penny loafers.  Perfect for this time of year.

Yoox is always a honey pot…check out this royal blue Lavenham quilted jacket for $69(!).

Orvis just added a bunch of stuff to their sale section.  Check out their softest quarter-zip sweatshirt in a ton of colors and sizes…for only $49.  Beware: these go fast!

And as always, the Martin Dingman sale is SERIOUS business.  Stock up on tons of good stuff.

Red Out Giveaway with Southern Proper

Last Saturday was tough, Georgia fans.  Soft defense, two missed field goals, and a dumb play at the goal line gave South Carolina an important SEC win.  Keep your head up, Bulldogs.  There’s plenty of schedule left, and judging by how Auburn looked last night, EVERYTHING is up in the air in the SEC.  But I digress…

To keep our spirits up, we are teaming up with the fine ladies at Southern Proper for a Red Out giveaway…going beyond football, their Fall stuff is outstanding.  This giveaway will give one winner a taste…how does a red All Prep Pullover, a Red/Black Goal Line Shirt, and a red SEC 1932 hat sound?  Well, leave a comment to this post to enter…for additional entries:

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Entries must be in by midnight on Sunday, September 28th.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday, the 29th around lunchtime.

Special thanks to Southern Proper for providing the goods for the giveaway…

Barbour Body Bag

Remember that vintage Sage Barbour Bedale I found a while back?  Well, it arrived, and I immediately sent it up to New England Reproofers for a wash and a re-waxing.  As usual, they did an awesome job, and I will continue to use them for their service.

Now, anyone who has an vintage Barbour knows that there is a musty smell that can be annoying.  I have a couple older Barbours, and while they all have that slight musty smell, it’s not something that will deter me from wearing any of them.  Regardless, I did some reading on how to spruce them up, so I decided to give it a try.

Through a couple posts and forums, I saw that there are quite a few popular ways to remediate the musty smell from a Barbour.  Freezing is one, but that doesn’t do anything but make the jacket cold, and the musty odor doesn’t ever leave the jacket.  Another popular option is using diluted vodka and vanilla.  My work is a variation of that….

The recipe calls for spraying the wax with diluted vodka and letting it dry out.  I don’t have any vodka at the house, so I skipped that.  The first thing I did was to give the inside a few healthy sprays of Fabreeze.  I’ve had luck with this in the past, so I did it again.  The second thing I did was take three cotton balls with a few drops of vanilla extract, and seal them along with the jacket inside of a dry cleaning bag.

From what I’ve read, these steps won’t get rid of the musty odor, but it will spruce it up quite a bit.

These pictures were taken early this morning…I’ll let you know the results when I open it up this evening…

“Put him in a body bag, Johnny!!”

Cotton Balls

What do you think?  How crazy is this?  Does it sound like I own a bunch of cats?

Orvis Shopping

Way before this blog started, before there were #hashtags, there were a few stores that I frequented.  One of those was Orvis.  I had one of their original shotgun shell belts, but it had the actual Winchester shell on the loop rather than the Orvis logo’ed version they carry today.  I wore that belt out, and eventually had to put it to bed.  I kick myself every day that I didn’t keep that original shell loop.

Orvis has kept a consistent, unique drumbeat that’s refreshing in the flash-in-the-pan #menswear world.  I consider them in the same categorization as Filson, Red Wing, and Barbour.  They just keep doing what they are doing, and know that ‘cool’ will eventually come their way.  I have 100% respect for this, and remain a loyal Orvis customer.

Now that it’s Fall, the Orvis catalog carries a lot of weight.  There is so much good stuff in there…here’s what I’d bring home with me:

From top left:

1. Donegal Notch Crew Sweatshirt: I wear a sweatshirt out every Winter.  And by ‘wear out’, I mean it gets stolen by my better half.  Hello, 2014 version.
2. Trigger Finger Uplander Gloves: There isn’t a huge need for gloves in Atlanta, but there are a few mornings when that steering wheel is like grabbing ice.  I like these with the open trigger finger.  Sure, it’s good to pull a trigger, but it’s also perfect for pressing ‘ignore’ on your smart phone when a call comes in.
3. Barbour Tapton Jacket: I like the dressed up look of this quilted Barbour.  The herringbone collar and the trimmer fit make this one great as a replacement for a tweed coat.  Wear this one over a cashmere v-neck.
4. Battenkill Gun Case: If you’re going to spend the money on a good gun, why would you put it in a cheap sock?  Do it some justice.  And spring for the monogram.
5. Fleece Sweater Jacket: An OUTSTANDING alternative to more expensive options out there.  This fleece is as good as there is, especially considering the easy price tag.  Minimal logo-ing is even better.  Think of this as the ‘dog walker’.
6. Cavalry Bison Leather Belt: You know I love a good belt; especially one with a cool buckle.
7. Luxury Cotton / Merino Wool Shirt:  These cotton and wool blend shirts are great.  The key is to wash and half dry them.  Then hang to dry the rest of the way.  Give it a quick steam iron, and then wear it…extremely soft and warm.
8. Field Chronograph Watch: There are a ton of alternatives out there, but try and beat this one for $150.  It looks great, and wears very well.
9. Shotgun Shell Coasters: Because why not.
10. Gokey Heritage Duffle: A secret Ebay obsession is vintage Orvis luggage…and it looks like they beat me to the punch.
11. Gokey Sandanona Pull On Boots: Some of the coolest boots out there.  The rubber soles make them comfortable for all day wear…after all, they were made for walking the field.  This reminds me: I need to recondition mine…maybe worthy of a post?

Front Pocket Wallets

I am a front pocket wallet guy.  All things considered, I only carry about 5-6 cards including a driver’s license and some cash.  I do this for a couple reasons: first, I don’t like to carry that much.  Travel light.  Second, I don’t like sitting on a wallet.  Remember the Costanza wallet?

I have used quite a few, but these are the options that have RCS approval:

1. Martin Dingman Jamison Credit Card Case: Simple and elegant design.  Two card cases – one on each side – that holds about 3-4 cards each.  Middle pocket that hold folded cash.  Add in the matte alligator and you are ready to rock.
2. Col. Littleton Front Pocket Wallet: A good option for the heavier cash user.  The Col. Littleton front pocket wallet has one pocket that will hold about six cards (more as time goes on and it stretches out), and has a really handy flap pocket for folded cash and receipts.  Initials are encouraged.
3. Sid Mashburn Credit Card Holder: New to the game…Sid’s take on the front pocket wallet.  I saw it yesterday, and am impressed.  Two long slots on one side, and one long one on the other (for cash), with three slots for more cards.  The leather is outstanding.  Take this one seriously.

What did I miss?  Do you use a front pocket wallet?

Seriously Cool: The Turtleson Popover

You know how random catalogs show up in your mailbox?  I have no idea how they get my name…I assume that some companies sell names and addresses to others…but 90% of them are junk.  Every once in a while, a good one makes it way via the mailman.  The other day I got a catalog from Turtleson.  Never heard of them.  Regardless, I gave it a look.  Not too shabby…especially these popovers:

These bad boys have everything I’m looking for in a popover: flap front pocket, four button placket, long sleeves, an English cutaway collar, and must-iron oxford cloth.  It’s going to be very difficult for me not to order all three.  At $99 a pop, I just might do it…

Does anyone have any experience with Turtleson?  Is it worth a try?