The 2013 College World Series

The 2013 College World Series started on Saturday.  I would rank the College World Series up there with any of the BCS games or the March Madness tournament in terms of excitement.  The double elimination tournament is outstanding – metal bats, sweat stained hats, and rabid fans.  Teams that won regional tournaments, then super-regional tournaments earned one of eight spots in Omaha.

TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, NE

While they are all relatively big-name schools this year, there is no shortage of baseball talent on the field.  Who’s your pick?  We like the Tarheels…

***Like what you see?  Head over to State Traditions to show your team spirit.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Happy Father’s Day to my dad, all the other dads, and all the soon to be dads.  Enjoy your day today…back to work tomorrow.

The Jeep Scrambler

If I were to get a Jeep to restore…it would be the Scrambler.  Extra room in the trunk gives you more space for friends, dogs, and stuff.  Why not?

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Ledbury Dapper Dads Scavenger Hunt

Dapper Dads Scavenger Hunt: In the week leading up to Father’s Day, Ledbury has reprised last year’s Dapper Dads Scavenger Hunt, but on a national level.  They are dropping hangers in NYC, DC, Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta and Richmond.  If you find a hanger, you can claim a free shirt of your choosing for dad (or for you…).  Clues on hanger locations will be posted on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, so start following them now to get a jump on it.  Last year’s scavenger hunt was extremely popular in Richmond, and the hangers went fast.

Meanwhile, for you readers in Richmond, Ledbury is offering personal fit appointments in their newly renovated Richmond store.  It’s the perfect way to find a gift that fits just right, while sharing a laid-back experience your dad won’t forget.  Ledbury will be accepting appointments June 14, 10AM-6PM, or June 15, 12-5PM.  Book an appointment via or 1-888-233-1942.


Smathers & Branson X Red Clay Soul Needlepoint Belt Giveaway

As you’ve all seen, Smathers & Branson recently released quite a few new needlepoint belt designs.  The designs are excellent additions to their already stellar lineup.  Do you have a needlepoint belt?  Haven’t pulled the trigger?  Why not?  Talk to the rest of us that sport them all the time…there’s nothing like it.  Just enough of a nod to the ‘corporate preppy’ to get away with it at work, as well as an excellent addition to any tailgate outfit.

To celebrate, we’re teaming up with Smathers & Branson to give one lucky Red Clay Soul reader their choice of any in-stock/non-custom needlepoint belt.  Yep – your choice.  Here are the details:  leave a comment to this post with an email address to enter.

For additional entries:

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Entries must be in by midnight on Sunday, June 16th.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday, June 17th around lunchtime, who gets their choice of needlepoint hat.

Special thanks to Smathers & Branson for providing the goods for the giveaway…

Streaking on the Tennis Court

Check out the bad boys of tennis (and their shorts) from Streaker Sports:

Commentary – The Designated Hitter

There seems to be some sort of momentum in allowing a designated hitter in the National League.  Apparently it will make interleague play easier, and make the game more ‘exciting’.  While there is no doubt that MLB is having a hard time marketing their product, artificially adding more offense is the wrong direction.  Instead, this humble writer’s opinion is to go the other way – abolish the designated hitter altogether.

I hate the designated hitter, probably because I never pitched.  The DH is the second worst thing in baseball (free agency is numero uno).  I played catcher for a couple years in high school, which besides wearing out my knees, helped develop my distaste for pitchers.  Especially pitchers that thought they were untouchable.

Roy Halladay – ‘A’ for effort.

In little league, the pitchers were typically the best players on the team, and they alternated taking the mound with the second best player on the team over at shortstop.  JV and Legion ball is when the pitchers started to separate themselves from the commoners.  They didn’t field grounders.  They didn’t hit in the cages.  All they did was run, that weird drill where they cover first on a ground ball to the first baseman, and pitch.  And bitch.

The greatest move ever made.

In the immortal words of Skip – the head coach of the Durham Bulls (in the movie): “This is a simple game: You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball”.  I don’t know a better way to sum up the great game of baseball.  My opinion – if you step on the field, you need a glove AND a bat.  Hold your own.  I would look at it as a blow to my manhood if someone had to hit for me.  “No, no, pitcher – you stay on the bench.  I’ll go hit for you.  Can I get you anything else?”.  Clearly I would refuse to play for an American League team.  Sure they score more runs, but it’s such a weak move.

One man that should be an example to every pitcher: Tim Hudson, the pitcher for the Atlanta Braves.

In 1997, the then Auburn Tiger was named the top player in college baseball with a 2.97 ERA, 15 wins, and a .396 batting average.  Tim Hudson is a ballplayer.  Yes, he pitches, but have you ever seen him uncomfortable while at bat?  Lord no – he wants to hit.  He dares the pitcher to hang a curve ball.  He knows how to take a pitch.  He runs out ground balls.

So pardon the rant, but the thought of bringing the DH to the National League touches a nerve.  What do you think?  I’m I being to much of a traditionalist?  Am I right on point?  Lemme know.