What I Like: The Ledbury Sport Coat

As you all know, Ledbury makes some of the best dress shirts out there.  Their fit, style, and quality are right on queue for their price point.  The Pauls from Richmond know how to do it right – not only do they have an eye for great style, but they are some of the coolest guys in the business.

Ledbury has been dipping into different areas of mens style, including blazers, pocket squares, ties, sweaters, and sport coats and blazers:

My first experience with their sport coats was at their Atlanta pop up shop last fall, when they were first released.  From a quality perspective, they line up with their shirts – an outstanding value for their price point.  The style is right where it should be – a mature, refined look for guys that like to add some extra punch before stepping out.

From a fit perspective, they embody the Italian style.  Very soft shoulders and a trimmer fit that shows off a more form-fitting look.  Very updated, the Ledbury sport coat is extremely versatile.  They look great with jeans and a dress shirt, or with trousers and a tie.  They have a higher armhole and somewhat trim arms, but nothing about this jacket is ‘skinny’.

Sizing on the Ledbury sport coat is right on.  For a measured 40 regular, theirs fits like a glove off the rack (or delivered in the mail).  No need to size up or down.

From a construction perspective, the jacket is unlined, so the more you wear it, the better it fits.  The wool isn’t thick, but it isn’t thin either.  It will provide a layer of warmth.  The Ledbury sport coat is a jacket that you don’t have to take off – wear it like a sweater and make it part of the team.

All in all, every man should have a good blazer or sport coat that works in a variety of situations.  Whether it’s a hot date on Friday night, drinks with the boys at the club, or heading to church on Sunday morning, the Ledbury sport coat is sure to cure what ails you.

Friday Jam: Jimi Hendrix “Fire” (Live)



Quilted Jacket Roundup

I woke up this morning and there was a chill in the air.  It was in the mid-60s (a mercury level we’ll celebrate on the other end come February), and I honestly needed an additional layer.  By 9:00AM it was worthless, but all in all, it served it’s purpose.  In leiu of a blazer, a quilted jacket is an excellent choice this time of year.  It’s like an adult windbreaker.  It provides just a little bit of warmth, and some protection from the elements.  I wear an old Penfield and love it, but would love to add another to the rotation.  Here’s what I’m looking at:

From top left:

1. Penfield Colwood Jacket: An excellent cut from an excellent company.  The burgundy color is perfect for this fall, and the tilted pocket is a nice touch.
2. Belstaff Parkstone Jacket: This is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of quilted jackets, but it looks outstanding.  Pair this with ripped jeans and cowboy boots just to prove a point.
3. Ralph Lauren Cadwell Quilted Jacket:  The standard, classic cut that you’ve come to expect from Ralph Lauren.  Nice touch with the collar details.
4. Barbour Liddesdale Jacket:  Old faithful.  You can never go wrong with the Liddesdale, but make sure you try one on before you buy.  The sizing can be tricky.
5. Ralph Lauren Cadwell Quilted Jacket:  The same as number three but in an awesome shade of blue.
6. Orvis Dorset Quilted Jacket:  The Orvis version of the Liddesdale, but the brown corduroy collar on black looks sharp.
7. Barbour Birch Quilted Jacket:  Another good looking option from Barbour, but with deep pockets.
8. Burberry Allanson Quilted Jacket:  An outstanding option from Burberry; the motorcycle jacket cut is awesome.  While it may look casual in the picture, this one would be easy to dress up.
9. Sashiko Quilted Cotten Coverall Jacket:  From the famed Unionmade Goods shop, this is a fashion-forward option for those in dryer climates.

A Visit to State Traditions (Volume 2)

Not only does State Traditions make some of the best state-inspired merchandise out there, but they are a good crew.  Their hats, shirts, belts, and other goods don’t rely on flashy NASCAR-like style, instead relying on appropriate color pallets and quality.

What State Traditions has done very well is managing their growth.  Just a few years ago, they were using Keith’s extra bedroom as storage for their entire company.  Then they moved to Pepper Place in Birmingham, where they took over every nook and cranny the landlord would let them use.  After busting through those seams, and have moved into their own warehouse.  While this isn’t a permanent location, it will get them through the next year or so.  Always looking for a reason to head over to Birmingham, Keith and Maury were happy to show off their new digs:

VP of Sales Maury:

The artwork around their place looks good, too.

I spy the Old Try:

Painting by Lindsey Evans

This is State Tradition’s first opportunity to have all of their merchandise in one large room, which helps with inventory, shipping, and receiving.  When I showed up on Saturday morning, they had four of their guys busting their butts getting orders filled and inventory re-stocked.  With college football season here, orders have been flying off the shelves.  While all this is nothing but good news, President and CFO Keith mentioned “we’ll outgrow this warehouse in a year or two”.  From a spare bedroom to this…

The scale is simply amazing.  Covering 50 states with a variety of merchandise in multiple color options is no small feat.  Still though, they aren’t done.  There is more goods on the way, including more higher-end options as well as new collaborations.

And you know what they say about real estate: location, location, location.  How about this view?  Right across the street from Regions Field…there might not be a better reason for happy hours.  Just ask the Avondale guys…

Until next time, guys…

Criquet Sponsors The Invitational

Probably the greatest videos on the Internet.  Period.  Well played, Criquet.

But wait, there’s more:



A Walk Around Billy Reid Atlanta (Fall is in the Air)

With Fall finally here, Billy Reid is finally in his element.  The new fall line looks outstanding.  Gone are the bright punches of color, instead are the subtle hues and textures that breathe cooler weather.  Looking around the store proves the point:

His/Hers : Fall Transitions – Out on the Town

Fall is here.  The days are still long, but with fall comes that evening chill.  When you get out on the town, you have to be prepared for anything.  Dinner plans only start the evening, and there’s no telling where you’ll end up.  Dress accordingly:

For Him:

From top left:

1. Lumina Casual Poplin Shirt:  A great fit – not too skinny and not boxy.  A good fall grey that will match everything.
2. Panerai Black Seal:  Bad to the bone.  The best part about Panerai is that only 1% knows what they are looking at.  The rest will start asking questions.
3. Breath Mints:  If I have to give a reason for this, then I’m clearly not doing my job.
4. Ledbury Grey Huxley Sport Coat:  Fall is time to bring out the lightweight wool jackets.  Drape it over a stool if it’s too warm.  Offer it to her on the way to the car.
5. Jack Spade Swedish Camo Vertical Flap Wallet:  Considering that this Fall is leaning towards more muted colors, add a little punch with your wallet.
6. Levi’s 1954 501 Selvedge Denim Jeans:  Wear these every day for a month before you soak them.  Then they’ll fit like a second skin…just the way the good Lord intended.
7. Randolph Engineering Aviators:  Long days = sunshine until about 7.  Bring your windshields.
8. Martin Dingman Theo Belt:  Why go regular when you can show off an exotic skin?  Wear with a grin.
9. Smart Turnout Royal Welsh Socks:  If you have to wear socks, wear good ones.
10. Helm ‘Sam Original’ Boots:  Something a little different.  Brown boots and a grey sport coat is about as good as it gets.  Now is the time to break out the heavy artillery.

Hers coming tomorrow…