RCS Review: The Atlantic Drift Beaufort Button Down

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing the Atlantic Drift guys for a few years now.  What’s great about the AD crew is that they actually live the lifestyle of their brand.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard ‘sorry for the early email, we are heading out to the water’.  It’s great, because they are essentially doing product development for their entire line.

They asked me to give my opinion on their new Beaufort button down shirt.  Before we get started, let’s talk about the rise of offshore wear over the last ten years.  Columbia and Ex Officio have really gotten a foothold on this market, and do a good job with the performance fishing gear.  The problem is that the look is just that: very functional.  There is a lot of velcro, loops, vents, and SPF built into every shirt…  While this is great for the intended purpose, it doesn’t really work for everyday wear.  A fishing shirt at dinner 400 miles from any sort of water looks weird.  Period.

Atlantic Drift is in the thick of this industry, and seemed to have solved that problem with their Beaufort button down.  From a distance, the shirt looks like any other button down that you have in the closet:

This shirt fits into any business casual environment.  Pair it with a pair of khakis and loafers and you are ready for a day at the office.  In addition, the shirt is packed with little tricks that will keep you cool and protected from a long day on the water.  The shirt is a very comfortable blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, so it’s very breathable.  The chest is mesh-lined so it won’t stick to your body.  There are a bunch of hidden features:  the collar has hidden buttons, there is a hidden zipper front pocket, and a hidden sunglass loop.  Think of this as the “Inspector Gadget” of fishing shirts.

From a fit perspective, it is NOT boxy.  I wear a Medium, and I would say that it is consistent with a Brooks Brothers Slim Fit medium, or a J. Crew Medium.  There is plenty of room to move, but it is NOT boxy.  The style of the shirt is a really nice plaid (there are four plaids available) that works on the water, but really turns it into a versatile shirt with a more prominent spot in the rotation.  The logo is small and tasteful.

Mine has survived a trip to Lake Martin, as well as a full Saturday of errands followed directly by an afternoon at the pool and an evening cooking out.  It cleans up nice, too.  Wash it as you would anything else, but hang to dry.  Give it a quick iron and you are ready to rock.  I’ve got a new workhorse in the arsenal.


High Five – Saturday, July 11th

Five things that I’m digging right now:

1. Marcel: Ford Fry’s new steak house opened in our neighborhood this week.  We stopped by on Thursday night to check out the place and stayed for a couple drinks.  The space is very handsome; I’d venture to say that it’s one of the coolest bars in Atlanta.  The menu looks great, but buyer beware – this is the most expensive steakhouse in Atlanta…by a stretch.

2. Howard Yount Linen/Wool Summer Windowpane Jacket:  My blazer game is heavily tilted towards the cooler months, so I’m looking for a few really lightweight summer options.  Anything with linen will breath very well in the heat and high humidity, but it’s still advisable to wear an undershirt.  Howard Yount knocked it out of the park with this one.

3. Creature Comforts Brewing Co’s Tropicalia IPA:  I am, admittedly, the opposite of a beer snob.  I’m not a big fan of 99% of the ‘microbrews’, dark beer or anything else in a bottle with a catchy name.  I like Yuengling, and most beers in a green bottle.  My friend offered me one of these Tropicalias the other day, and I am hooked.  This beer is delicious.  I can only drink two or three at a time, but my pallet is maturing.

4. Fuji X100T Digital Camera:  Camera technology is awesome.  I have a big nasty DSLR, and really love the photography experience with the big Nikon. But the pack-mule mentality necessary to haul that camera and its lenses around gets old.  Enter the new Fuji X100T.  Small, compact, and a perfect walking around camera.  I’ve been gushing over this with Caroline, and both of us agree that this is on the list.

5. Col. Littleton’s Private Stock Items:  Col. Littleton is such a great niche on the Interwebs.  They have some of the coolest leather stuff out there.  Recently, they have started selling extremely limited (read: ONE) items in their Private Stock Collection that actually feature the farm brands on the leather.  The markup isn’t that material, and it really looks great.  Take a look next time you stop by.

Grandmother’s Pan Fried Chicken

This is a piece I did for my friends over at Onward Reserve for their Gazette.  Fun stuff…I thought you RCS readers would enjoy it as well:

Family recipes have a strange way of being a common denominator in childhood memories. When reflecting on memories growing up, it’s funny how comments like ‘Remember when Grandmother made (this or that)? Man it was good…’ One recipe that has stuck with my family is my Grandmother’s pan fried chicken.

Her talent in the kitchen is almost unmatched – when visiting, every morning started with a spoonful of lard to cook the eggs, and ended saving the bacon grease for the next meal. Most of the vegetables came from the garden in their back yard, and the meat came from the butcher down the street. They grew up in a very small South Carolina town, so everyone knew everyone – including the butcher. We’d call for chicken, and he already knew the amount.

Grandmother’s pan fried chicken is clearly the way God intended for chicken to be served. It is possibly the perfect food – served fresh out of the pan for dinner with rice and gravy for dinner, served cold for lunch, for tailgates, for family gatherings, or for events in town, she never seemed to make enough.

The good part about pan frying chicken is the thin, but crisp crust that forms on the outside of the meat from touching the pan. Deep fried chicken almost floats in grease, and usually has a lot more breading. While I won’t turn down fried chicken, I would choose pan fried seven days a week and twice on Sunday.

Here’s how she does it:

Salt and Pepper chicken pieces (bone in, skin on)
Refrigerate for two hours
Rinse chicken

Roll chicken in the flour mixture (2 cups flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon pepper)

In an electric frying pan
Heat ½” Wesson oil on medium heat
Cook the breasts first, then the thighs, legs, and wings, turning regularly until internal temp is 165 degrees (and the juices run clear)

The icing on the cake? Make gravy with the drippings:

Drain the fat from the cooking grease
Add flour in the drippings until it turns golden brown
Add milk and stir until it turns to a gravy consistency

Serve over white rice. Instantly make friends.

Got a family recipe you’d like to share?

Father John Misty

Guys and gals – we’ve got ourselves a reader. Over the past three or four weeks, I’ve been gorging myself on the newest offering from Father John Misty called, “I Love You, Honeybear”.

Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman) is a little off the beaten path from my everyday twangy, rock-ish tastes. My general description lies somewhere between Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and the Dude. In fact, this music begs to be heard on lazy rainy mornings and hazy late nights with a warm bath, and possibly some candles. My introduction to Father John Misty came a few years ago during a Letterman performance. The song was called, “Only Son of the Ladies Man” and I remember immediately thinking that the sound was very Los Angeles with laid back tambourine vibes and the tear of a mariachi through the chorus. I found out that Tillman was based out of L.A. via Seattle via Maryland and it all came together.

The first single off the new album is called “Chateau Lobby #4 (In C for Two Virgins)” and aligns nicely with the previous album, “Fear Fun”. My assumption is that the title of this song is a dry tribute to John and Yoko as “I Love You, Honeybear” could be a love letter to Tillman’s courtship and recent marriage. She’s name checked (Emma) a couple of times and the subject of, “Nothing Good Ever Happens at the Goddamn Thirsty Crow”, a song about petty jealousy, pick up lines, and the Georgia Crawl. He’s heavy on the sarcasm and I guess if he has a trademark, it’s his constant use of dark humor. There’s groupie love with jaded Millennials in “The Night Josh Tillman Came to Our Apartment” and an apathetic shrug to the lives of the modern American bourgeoises in “Bored in the USA”. My current favorite, “Strange Encounter”, features fuzzed out spy guitar over Brian Wilson orchestration and wouldn’t be out of place on a Portishead or Black Keys record. And there are drugs. I think it’s one of the best releases of early 2015 and I would pair it with a Golden Bowl from the Grit in Athens and some quantity of Promethazine.

But do what’s right for you and enjoy it responsibly!

By JH.

July 4th Sale Roundup

While all of you are out celebrating America’s birthday, I’d like to bring your attention to quite a few sales….and by ‘a few’, I mean a ton.  Enjoy:

Onward Reserve has 30% off all Spring and Summer merchandise.  Not to be missed, folks.  Stuff from Peter Millar, Southern Proper, Southern Point, Johnny-O, and OR stuff.

Billy Reid just added a ton of great stuff to their sale section.  Check out these double-monks…you won’t believe the price.  Oh – and use code CELEBRATE25 for an EXTRA 25% off.

Neiman Marcus Last Call is doing 30%-60% off everything.  Here is a GREAT opportunity to stock up on some basics.

East Dane is loading up their sale section…up to 70% off a TON of good stuff.  Rag & Bone, Raleigh Denim, Grenson shoes, and Arc’Teryx to name a few…

Levi’s is offering an additional 30% off sale items.  How about a pair of Selvedge 501s for $45?  Yeah, here you go.

J. Crew is doing 40-60% off all final sale items, and there is a TON of stuff available.  How about this Chambray popover for $24

Ledbury is having a HUGE sale – up to 30% off.  Be sure to check out all the goodies…

Brooks Brothers just kicked off their Summer Clearance sale – up to 50% off.  How about a slim-fit gingham dress shirt for $39?  Yeah…stock up.

Orvis is offering an additional 25% off in their sale section.  Serious business – get ready for Fall now.

Jack Spade is offering an extra 25% off their already reduced items.

Penfield is having their Summer sale, which is great, but they are throwing in an additional 10% off for the 4th.  How about a Pac Jac for under $100?

Bonobos is doing an extra 25% off their sale items.  How about some Ikat shorts for $50?

J.McGlaughlin is doing up to 70% off their Summer sale…excellent dress shirts for a fraction of their normal price…

Todd Snyder is doing a summer sale that offers discounts up to 60% off.

I’ll keep adding as I find more…

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day from the Red Clay Soul family!

Enjoy the image (we are physically in Atlanta, but our souls are in Chicago).  Some words borrowed from the Grateful Dead that are 100% appropriate for today, and quite frankly every day:


from “U.S. Blues”

Independence Day | Night Action

Tomorrow is the big one.  America’s birthday.  It’s a day-to-night event that starts on a body of water, either chlorinated, salty, or fresh, followed by some variety of meat cooking and an ultimate pyro-level celebration of our great nation.  The theme is red, white, and blue.  Simple.  Here’s how to do it right, with a little extra credit:

Day Action:

1. Atlantic Drift Mahi Visor:  Be bold.  Expect this to get dunked quite a few times.  Try to keep it on your head while you slalom.
2. Ray Ban Classic Wayfarers:  It doesn’t get any more classic than a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers.  Think JFK.
3. Birdwell Limited Edition “Old Glory” Beach Britches:  The coolest trunks that no one talks about.  And these bad boys are a special edition just for the 4th.
4. Onward Reserve Penley Colonial Flag T-shirt:  An awesome America shirt.  And Penley to boot… all good in our hood… if this flag offends you, quit reading this blog, immediately.
5. Hari Mark Flip Flops:  Better than Rainbows.
6. Hudson Sutler Montauk Cooler Bag:  Never show up to a party empty-handed.  This new bag from Hudson Sutler holds a 12 pack, and has a front pocket for your koozie, sunscreen, and backup koozie.

Extra Credit:
To drink: Budweiser.  Come at me.
To eat: Hot dogs and hamburgers.  Easy and easy.  Extra mustard.  And AMERICAN cheese.
Tunes: “The Big Chill” soundtrack.  Try it.  No good music has been made since 1999, so stick with the classics.

Night Action:

7. Sid Mashburn Polo Shirt:  Best to go dark so you don’t see all the spills that are sure to happen.
8. Orvis Americana Hat:  I’m not a big hat-at-night guy, but this one makes the cut. Especially on Independence Day.
9. Smathers & Branson Flags of our Fathers Belt:  A history lesson for your waist.
10: Southern Proper Red, White, and Blue Seersucker Shorts:  The red, white, and blue is a really nice up-do to the traditional seersucker, and the inseam is pretty aggressive.  Just like you.
11: Cole Haan Howland Penny Driving Loafers:  Somebody’s mom and dad will show up, so try to spruce up your look, just a touch.  These are the denominator of driving loafers.  Everyone’s got them, everyone has worn a pair out and/or watched their dog tear one apart.

Extra Credit:
To drink: Budweiser.  Keep it real.  Bring out the good bourbon after the fireworks.
To eat: Ribs and slaw.  Does it get any better?
Tunes: Stream the Dead50 show from Chicago.  Shed a tear cause you aren’t there.

“If I get home before daylight, I just might get some sleep tonight…”