Allow Me To Introduce: Flooded Streets (and a Giveaway)

One of the best parts about running this blog is finding new and unique brands and ideas.  While perusing the Interwebz, I came across an AWESOME shirt design that had yet to be released.  Given my love for Charleston (I consider it my ‘second city’), it only made sense that I reach out and find out what Flooded Streets is all about.

That put me in touch with Andrew, Charleston resident and founder of Flooded Streets.  His concept for the designs is so simple, yet captivates what is (or was) great about Charleston.  These aren’t your regular post-grad fraternity shirts.  Upon first glance, you might not know what it is, but it’s a cool shirt.  That works, but for those that do know, it garners a grin and a nod.  It’s like being in the club.

Andrew was nice enough to do a little sit-down with us to tell us what’s up with his now month-old company:

What inspired you to start Flooded Streets?   I had the idea for Flooded Streets for a few years- actually going back to high school. I moved down to New Orleans after college and worked on tug boats going up and down the Mississippi. Lots of time to think on a tug boat, and it’s during those late hours where the concept really began to take shape.

There are certain parts of Charleston that I love- parts that I know other people love or have loved- and I want to focus on them. For instance, take Woolworth’s Luncheonette that used to be on King Street. It was a staple on that certain block of King and a business that catered to every sort of Charlestonian. The building and business provided lasting memories to the majority of those who walked through its doors.
There are those now working on that block, even in that exact building, who are totally unaware of what once stood there, and that’s fine- change is going to happen. But at the same time, Woolworth’s shouldn’t be forgotten, and that’s one of the reasons it was chosen as a premiere design.
How has the first couple weeks of your company been like?   These first couple of weeks have been entertaining to say the least. Going into the production phase, Kelley, our phenom of a graphic designer, and I had finalized all of the graphics, so that was good.
The two weeks leading up to our Saturday launch were quick- the blanks were shipped in from the West Coast and then right away we had to turn and have them locally printed. It was tight.
Once printed, it was the game of pleading and persuasion to get friends to model the goods. Blair, Martha, Bertfly, and Anne Rhett Photography made that site- if it weren’t for them, it would be just words.
…and while all of this running around was going on, Elizabeth was busy in the back-end of the site making sure that all of my particular requests were handled…and she couldn’t have done a better job.
We launched, and I was forced to buy an office printer. My parents’ dining room became the warehouse. It’s been lunch breaks and after-hours shipping shirts out and spreading the Flooded Streets’ gospel.
It’s been a blast.
What are your favorite things about Charleston?   The personalities.
What sort of customer wears Flooded Streets?   Our customer is not of one shape, size, or sort. Sure, our shirts are going to appeal more to the Charlestonian demographic, but at the same time there will be those who simply appreciate the design and may not necessarily understand what it means.
In our first week we shipped out to the Big Apple, DC, and even a few out to California. We also offer International shipping…just in case.
We strive to illustrate classic, meaningful aspects of the city, and it’s going to be the customer who feels the same way as we do that is going to get the most out of wearing our shirts.
What’s next for Flooded Streets?   From a product standpoint we’re looking ahead to the fall with some new clothing ideas- definitely want to expand past just tees. Kelley and I have also been working through new design graphics, and those are wrapping up. Also thinking about producing a limited run of prints, but that may be a little farther down the line.
Business end aside, it’s really important that we get involved within the community. Collaborate and work with local charities and organizations.
And keep an eye out this fall for one of the fiercest youth basketball teams to have taken the court in years…you may recognize their shirts.
What is playing on your iPod?   Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall 1973
Want some shirts?  Andrew shot me three – one of each design in a size Large.  Now, these run a bit slimmer than your typical Haynes Beefy-T, so keep that in mind.  Leave a comment to this post to enter.  For more chances to win:

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Get your entries in by Sunday night and midnight and I’ll announce the winner on Monday around lunchtime.  Good luck!
Thanks to the good folks at Flooded Streets for providing the shirts for the giveaway

New Filson Stuff

We can’t say enough good things about Filson.  The good folks up in Seattle do it right – their products are strong, tough, and have a style all their own.  Their followers are a bit like Panerai owners – they are obsessive.  Once you start using Filson, you don’t stop.  While it may make a small dent in your wallet, it’s money well spent.  The gear will last longer than you want it to, but fear not – there is a lifetime guarantee so if something goes wrong, they’ll fix you right up.

Earlier this year Filson blew us away with their new line of Navy bags.  The color was a very welcomed addition to their traditional tan, brown, and otter green.  I’m exicited to see images to some ‘used’ Navy bags so we can see what the wear looks like.  My guess is that it will wear like the otter green in that it will lighten up.  How cool is that?

I got the new Filson catalog in the mail, and see that they added MORE great stuff.  I’d like to formally ask that they stop – I’m running out of closet space.  Some of my favorites:

Short Cruiser Jacket (Navy Blue): an excellent alternative to a denim jacket, and it will protect you from the elements.  I like the Navy, as it should wear in VERY nicely.

Large Twill Carry-on Bag: A bigger version of the 258 briefcase but a little more manageable than the medium travel bag.  I like that it has internal straps to keep your gear in order.  Here is the inside:  

2-zip Travel Kit: I really like this design.  Easy access.  I am a traditional travel kit user, but see the functionality (and less zipper bites).  And it comes in Navy.

Medium Tall Tote with Pockets: The traditional totes are constructed of twill, but their new tote is made with Shelter Cloth.  Very cool.  I like the different color fabric design, but imagine this as solid green…

Tote Briefcase: Brilliant.  Is this a nod to the new business-friendly use of Filsons?  Probably not, but this really makes sense for us commuters.

Twill Zip Top Tote Bag: While this isn’t a new design, the safety orange is great for the hunters, or the city-folks that want to be seen.  Such a nice touch…

Happy Birthday, America

What a great day.  237 years ago our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence and America was born.  Show your home team pride today, folks.  Wear red, white, and blue, eat hot dogs, BBQ, and hamburgers, drink Budweiser, and enjoy the fireworks.

Most importantly, put your hand over your heart when you sing the National Anthem, folks.  There are so many that have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedoms this great country allows.  Be respectful.  Be American.

God Bless.

The July 4th Look – Down the Line

Now folks, this is our day.  America’s day.  The 237th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Show off our home team colors across the board.  Here we go, down the line:

The Visors:
Cleveland Red Tour, Cleveland White Tour, and Cleveland Blue Tour.  Yes.  I just went and hit their new Classic XL Driver.  That sucker is sweet, folks.

The Sunglasses:
Costa del Mar Grand Catalinas, Red’s Outfitters Whitners, and Randolph Engineering Intruders.  July 4th is more than just fireworks.  The sun will be shining, so get some windshields for your eyes…in Patriotic colors.

The Polos:
Criquet White Player’s Shirt, KP MacClane Blue Polo, and State Traditions Red America Polo.  Tuck them in to start the day, but let it loose once the sun sets.

The Belts:
American Flag & Eagle Leather Belt, Smathers & Branson Antique Blue American Flag Belt, and Belted Cow Historical American Flag Belt.  The midsection is made for flare.  Show off your home-team pride with that beautiful American flag.

The Shorts:
Peter Millar Winston Blue Shorts, Peter Millar Winston Red Shorts, and Sid Mashburn White Canvas Shorts.  Red, white, and blue shorts?  Yep.  And you can wear each of these bad boys all summer long.  Get over your khaki.

The Shoes:
Martin Dingman Osage Red Driving Loafers, Billy Reid X K.Swiss Venice Surf & Courts, and New Balance Navy 574s.  Give those flip flops a break and dress it up a bit.  They are more comfortable anyway.

Martin Dingman Wallet(s) Giveaway(s)

Since this week we are celebrating America, there isn’t a better time to partner up with our good friend Martin Dingman to give away some American-made wallets.  Anyone with experience will confess that Martin’s leathers goods are top of the heap.  These wallets don’t disappoint.  We have an awesome billfold and a few of the front pocket wallets:

So here’s what we are going to do.  The billfold will be given away here on the blog.  Leave a comment to this post to enter.  For additional entries:

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For the front pocket wallets, we are going to mix it up a bit.  Be sure to follow all of Red Clay Soul’s social media and be on the lookout…you’ll see a posts pop up every once in a while offering a quick giveaway for one of the front pocket wallets.  Be sure to enter, and we’ll pick a winner from the comments/etc.

Get your entries in by Sunday at midnight, and I’ll announce the winners on Monday around lunch.

Thanks to the good folks over at Martin Dingman Leathergoods for supplying the bag and the belt for the giveaway 

Golf Tour Visor Roundup

How about a tour visor round up?  It’s nice to see that these are catching on.  Here are a few I’ve got my eye on:

From top left:

State Traditions Athens Gameday Visor
Bridgestone Green Tour Visor
Fishy Itchy Tour Visor
Jones Golf Tour Visor
Curly Tail Tour Visor
TCU Golf Visor
Smathers & Branson South Carolina Needlepoint Tour Visor
State Traditions America Tour Visor
Sea Island Navy Tour Visor

Coming to Atlanta

Guess who’s coming to Atlanta?  The good folks over at Onward Reserve will open their doors in August…

More to come.