Wm. Lamb & Son – Live Bait

Well lookie, lookie…the good folks over at Wm. Lamb & Son have launched their eCommerce site.  It looks great – very easy to navigate, and very clean.  Now you won’t have any issue finding the great stuff directly from the artist – including his artwork – or the collaboration pieces with Southern Proper, Case Mate, and The Old Try.

The Front Page:


Product Detail:

Ready…GO: Streaker Sports X Knockaround McMahon Shades

Inspired by Jim McMahon and the ’85 Bears, Streaker Sports and Knockaround are releasing their version of the iconic classic.  Available NOW.  Limited edition…go get ‘em quick:

Joe Namath Style

Joe Namath was the first pick by the New York Jets in the 1965 American Football League draft .  Take the western Pennsylvania native out of ’60s Tuscaloosa and put him smack in the middle of New York City…  “Broadway” Joe made a name for himself when he guaranteed a win over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl III down in Miami, beating the heavily favored Colts 16-7.  Joe was named the game’s MVP without throwing a touchdown.  Not only that, he was known for having a distinctive style all his own…both on and off the field:

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Nostalgia: 80s Super Bowls

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Super Bowl Style

Admittedly, I am 99% anti-jersey (except for one, and only one).  I don’t have a problem with other folks wearing them, or owning them, but they just aren’t for me.  I don’t know why, it’s just not my style.  I prefer to be a little more subtle in my fan-dom, opting for the team color approach.

So the Super Bowl is down in New Orleans on Sunday.  Great food, incredible atmosphere, and (hopefully) a good game.  For those of you that are with me in representing your team via color rather than a jersey number, here are some appropriate style options for all you Ravens and 49ers fans:

Sid Mashburn Suede Double Monks
Smathers & Branson Maryland Flag Belt
State Traditions Maryland Hat
Raleigh Denim Original Raw Jeans
Slim Fit Brooks Brothers White Oxford
Peter Millar Purple Cashmere Sweater


Penfield Stapleton Jacket
State Traditions California Hat
Ben Silver Gold Gingham Shirt
Levis 513 Slim Straight 5-pocket ‘Harvest Gold’ Pants
Smart Turnout Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Watchstrap
Blundstone BL584 ‘Rustic Brown’ Boots

Now – beyond that, who are you pulling for?  Niners?  Ravens?  What’cha got?

Eye Candy: The Corvette Stingray

“You better have your wood screws, ’cause I’m going to blow your doors completely off!” – Wooderson, “Dazed and Confused”

Filson X Sebago – New Stuff

I’m a complete sucker for Filson.  I started using a 257 years ago, and that was the gateway to my current collection (more on that later).  Sebago and Filson have been collaborating for quite some time, first releasing the Knight boots.  I snagged a pair, and have worn them quite a bit.  Lightweight, good with jeans and khakis…you get the point.

The pair just released a few new pieces that are absolutely outstanding.  I really like how the forest green wool and the classic Filson tan canvas go together.  Same with the green Cruiser – the leather touches expand the reach of this jacket.  Sebago really is a good match for Filson, as the touches dress up the pieces just a bit.

Duffle Bag

Medium Field Bag

Cruiser Coat