Friday Jam: John Lee Hooker – “Boom Boom” (Live)

Listen to this…I dare you to tell me it gets any better.

A Find: The Brooks Brothers Green Sport Coat

I had a little luck at the Junior League Thrift Store a weekend or so ago.  While I don’t buy that many blazers anymore, I always give that rack a look when I’m thrifting.  As I mentioned a while back, I love the Sid Mashburn Silk Matka sport coat, but never pulled the trigger.  When I came across this vintage sport coat from Brooks Brothers, I was pumped:This green is not a four-season look (the Sid model certainly is), as it’s a little mint-y in color.  Regardless, I love the fabric, as well as the lighter buttons.  It boasts a casual tone that will go so well with a spectrum of outfits.Different options: APCs and a blue gingham shirt, or white Levi’s and a perfect blue oxford…  This jacket will be the centerpiece of an outfit.  With a jacket like this, you don’t want to get too fancy, because you don’t want to look like you are in costume.  And you don’t want to be a clown.  Keep in mind, the menswear spectrum has loosened up over the last few years where we’ve moved beyond the limits of a blue blazer and a gray suit.  We’re adding more color to our pallet, which is a good thing.  With this opportunity comes great responsibility.  So do it right.I have to get the sleeves let out about an inch and a half and we are in business. What say you?  You like?

Head’s Up: The Sid Mashburn Warehouse Sale – This Friday and Saturday!

Hey Folks – this is big.  The folks at Sid and Ann Mashburn are having a warehouse sale this Friday and Saturday.  The doors unlock at 10…be there or be square…

1170 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318

Smart Turnout World Cup Edition Watch Straps

So I’m not into soccer at all.  I would say that my interest is on par with that of the Olympics.  I don’t follow curling, but when it was on in Sochi, I watched the hell out of it.  There is a part of me that feels bad that I can’t get into soccer…maybe it’s because ESPN is trying to shove soccer down our throats.  Maybe it’s because the US team is good, but won’t really compete in the World Cup.  Or maybe it’s because the rest of the world calls it ‘football’.  Whatever; I feel like a hater.

Regardless, our international friends over at Smart Turnout know how to celebrate:

I have a great collection of Smart Turnout straps, and even though I’m a Panerai guy, I still wear my old Omega with their straps all the time.  What’s great about these World Cup edition straps?  They’ll still be in style after they are done playing in Rio…

Wish List: Persol 714s

My strange fascination with owning way too many pairs of sunglasses combined with my love for all things functional and efficient seems to have reached a pinnacle with these Persol 714s.  These are known as the ‘Steve McQueen’ version, as originally seen in the 1968 version of “The Thomas Crown Affair.”  I really like the blue lenses, as well.  Perfect for a certain honeymoon later this Summer…

The man himself…

Folded…ready for travel.

What say you?  You like?


My Feyonce and I live here in Atlanta, but we always say our ‘hearts’ live in other cities.  For her, it’s New Orleans, which is a wonderful city.  For me, it’s Charleston.  I love being in Charleston.  We visited over Memorial Day weekend, and stayed in town.  We ate and drank at all the great places, and spent some time with a few locals.  You’ll see some posts over the next couple weeks about our visit…

To start – some city pictures:

One Year Later: Oak Street Bootmakers Natural Beef Roll Loafers

Remember a year or so ago when I reviewed the Oak Street Bootmakers Beef Roll Natural Chromexcel loafers?:

Well, anyone that follows the RCS Instagram knows how much I wear theses shoes.  Their first flight was down to New Orleans for a long wedding weekend, and I probably put 10 miles on ‘em right off the bat.  From there, they get worn at least two or three times a week.  I’m also very proud to say that a pair of socks has never tainted the inside of these loafers.

Here’s how they look after a year of wear:

As you can see, the Chromexcel leather is developing a really nice patina, but the overall shade hasn’t darkened as most leather does.  Now, I haven’t done anything to the leather – no oils, no creams, no polish, nothing.  I may do something after this summer, but I really like the way they look.

I did add toe and heel caps when I got back from New Orleans, and they are starting to wear in as well.  I have a feeling that I’ll send them back to Oak Street Bootmakers for a resole before the end of the year.  One of the best features of these loafers is the natural sole, and I want to keep that.

I can’t recommend these Oak Street Bootmakers loafers enough.  They are absolutely worth every penny, and have so many more miles left in the tank.  After knowing what goes in to making these loafers – the care and attention to detail – there is a feeling of pride when I wear them.  These loafers have become like a second skin, and will continue to be a heavy hitter in my rotation.