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Flipping Through The Martin Dingman Spring 2014 Catalog

I have to admit, I do enjoy getting catalogs in the mail.  It’s nice to hold something substantial and see new lines from some of my favorite companies.  The nice photography really gives it a good feel of not only the products you are perusing, but also the lifestyle they portray.  I’m very lucky to call Martin Dingman a friend.  He is a great guy who has been in the business for quite some time.  His attention to detail is as good as it gets, and his catalog is eagerly anticipated.

His Spring 2014 catalog is absolutely outstanding.  He has expanded his line of leather goods to include menswear that has a country feel to it, but can be ‘urbanized’ with a few tweaks.  Looking through his new catalog, here are a few items that stuck out:

The Khaki Field Jacket is just right for Spring and Summer wear here in Atlanta.  How great does the fabric look, and the interior plaid is a nice touch.

The Woodrow Houndstooth belt is great looking, and that tortoise roller gives it a touch of class.

Spring ties…you can never have too many.  I have a feeling I’ll be sporting one of these to church on Easter Sunday.

His new Wallace loafers feature rubber nub bottoms in alternate colors.  These should stand out.

Cool pooch.  The bit loafers aren’t bad either.

Sign me up for the navy Nantucket belt now.  This belt would look great with a pair of khaki shorts.

And the Farrier Wine Caddy?  How cool is this?  No longer will I have to transport my favorite spirits in brown paper bags…

Be on the lookout at your favorite men’s stores for Martin’s new offerings.

Hump Day Flash Sale at Onward Reserve

Get on it, folks…30% off everything at Onward Reserve (manufacturer’s restrictions apply…)

Lust: The Billy Reid Lexington Jacket

I really like this time of year.  Even though we endured the most recent iteration of the Ice Age last week, a quick turnaround to high 60 degree temperatures puts Spring in front of mind.  I wake up every morning with quite a few emails – the “winter final sale” ones are starting to fade, giving way to the “new Spring collection” releases.  I’m really tired of this weather.  I’m ready for it to warm up so we can take advantage of very handsome options like this Lexington Jacket from Billy Reid.

This is a perfect shade of  blue – it has the vintage feel that Billy Reid is known for.  The lapel is just right – not too thin and not too wide.  Soft shoulders and the white buttons give it a more casual feel – but a very stylish look.

I’ve been looking for a jacket like this for quite some time.  The cotton/linen blend is a perfect three-season layer and goes with almost everything.  Wear this with a pair of cream or tan jeans and a good plaid shirt…  or a pair of dark jeans and a white oxford…  Regardless: no socks required.

Your thoughts?

Atlanta + Snow

Atlanta is a disaster.  I don’t mean that to use that word in a specifically directed assault towards our leadership, our infrastructure, or the general state of affairs.  I mean it as a literal description of the major and minor thoroughfares getting people to and from their offices, schools, and any other location besides where they reside.

Atlanta traffic at 8:00PM last night

Yesterday at about 12:30, snow started falling in the metro area.  Almost in unison, the entire city left where-ever they were, got in their car, and got on the road.  Everyone.  Over five million people.  The horror stories on the roads are almost incomprehensible.  8+ hour commutes.  People parking their cars and walking miles to their final destination.  Kids stuck at school overnight.  I posted on Instagram that it took me five hours to get home.  At the time, I thought it was awful, but it pales in comparison to what the majority of commuters experienced.  Today I feel lucky.  I am home.  I saved my fiance’s sister in the city, then eventually went and saved my fiance from Peachtree St. in South Buckhead after dark.  My 4×4 and I did just fine.  We are all here, warm, doing great.  Making venison biscuits and gravy.

When a disaster like this happens, it is great to see the reaction of the people of our city.  After a few hours of personal frustration, it seemed that the mood changed to compassion as the sun went down.  Scrolling through the FaceSpace and watching the news – there are multiple stories the confirm the good that is the citizens of Atlanta.  I saw people pushing cars up hills.  I saw multiple stories about friends taking in complete strangers.  Home Depot, Target, Publix, and other businesses took in anyone that could fit to get them off the roads.  The SnowedOutAtlanta Facebook page that became a resource for connecting.  One story about a friend who took in stranded motorists and a busload of kids into her house is the ultimate show of goodwill.

Howell Mill Rd. about 7:30 this morning

How wonderful is it that in such a time of crisis, our people step up to the challenge.  It wasn’t government mandated, it was on their own.  Neighbors helping neighbors.  I know that those up north may look and snicker about how us Southerners can’t handle the snow…but this only happens once every couple of years.  We don’t have any practice.  Give us a break.  I’m never taking the ‘it’s just a dusting, we’ll be OK’ position ever again.  I believe that is the general sentiment from most fellow Atlantans.  Regardless, it’s nice knowing that if any of us experience any distress, help isn’t far away.


Ah, winter date nights. Dressing for the cold weather is hard enough for us southern gals that refuse to invest in decent and traditional (and horrible) cold weather essentials. Looking great is easy, you only need a few key pieces. Add in your own touches of flair so he sees your personality and personal style. You look great, and he will be sure to notice the effort. Enjoy the small bites and smooth jams; with these looks, you’ll definitely be comfortable and unforgettable.

From top Left:

1. Saks Fifth Avenue Vince Cashmere Dolman Sweater: Serious cashmere love here. This top delivers luscious comfort, and the deep v makes it sexy enough for date night.
2. Ann Mashburn Cashmere Scarf: More cashmere? Duh. And in a gorgeous pop of color just perfect for this time of year.
3. Folle de Joie Perfume: My newest obsession from BirchBox. This scent combines sweet, calm citrus with light jasmine and rose.
4. Armani Jeans Leather Jacket: The only jacket that makes me feel like. a. badass.
5. Imogene + Willie Lucy Skinny Jeans: Nashville’s dynamic duo do not disappoint in their new Lucy Indigo cut. Bigger back pockets equals an even better lookin tush.
6. Elliott Lucca Clutch: Leave your carry-all catch-all at home. Utilize some of his pockets for anything that may not fit in this cute, super affordable little clutch.
7. Everlane High-Low Belt: This is an everyday essential for me. Try it for yourself, you won’t believe how often you will wear it (daily).
8. A.P.C. Ankle Boots: The fabulous texture of this printed leather is so versatile. Dress up or dress down. And the square, chunky heel will keep me steady while we are moovin and a-groovin.
9. Tom Ford “Wild Ginger” Lipstick: This vibrant red has a hint of coral. I am hoping it can will Spring to hurry up already, and him to lean in for a couple of extra kisses tonight.
10. BaubleBar Gold Thorn Earrings: Even a preppy gal needs some spikes! These are just enough punk, just enough glam.
11. Steven Alan Lizzy Disney Leather Cuff:  Steven Alan makes choosing just one piece of arm candy hard. This is a recent gift from him that I can’t seem wear enough.

His: Winter Date Night

Winter date nights.  Especially hard down here in the South,  as we tend to overdress and over-prepare for cold weather.  A threat of snow will cancel school 24 hours in advance, and empty out the grocery store shelves.  It’s like a bad version of Red Dawn.  Well, just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean that there isn’t time for the ladies.

Winter dating is fine, but it takes some planning.  The culture in the South is built around outdoor activities (every restaurant has a deck), so in the winter, you have to look for indoor activities.  One of my favorite things to do in the winter is go see concerts, specifically at the smaller venues.  So let’s play out that scenario: a winter date night at a concert.  Small bites beforehand, hopefully something to make you look forward to the next date afterwards. Here’s what I’d wear to pick her up:

From top left:

1. Randolph Engineering Sportsman Sunglasses:  The sun goes down earlier, which gives you all the more reason…especially if you are heading west.  These Sportsman sunglasses from Randolph are an awesome pair of aviators with some bells and whistles.
2. Lumina Graham Charcoal Oxford Shirt:  How many white, blue, and pink oxfords do you have in your closet?  Expand your pallet a bit and go for charcoal.  It goes with everything, and is a nice hue for the winter months.
3. Creed Millesine 1849 Cologne:  When picking out the smell good in the winter, look for something woodsy.  And no, this cologne is not a product of your favorite band of the same name.  These folks actually know what they are doing.
4. 1958 Rolex Explorer 1 6610:  I love the look of adding something so classic to a quasi-casual outfit.  Granted a vintage Rolex, like this Explorer 1, will go with anything, but it changes the theme of the outfit for the better.  If you don’t have a vintage watch, get it on your wish list ASAP.
5. J. Crew Cashmere Colorblock Sweatshirt:  It’s cold, and you’ll need to layer.  Go a little sideways with J. Crew’s take on the sweatshirt, made out of cashmere in a navy and gray colorblock style.
6. Levi’s Made & Crafted Tack Selvedge Jeans:  Why not grab a new pair of jeans with some of that Christmas money?  There are a bunch of affordable options (especially in the after-Christmas sales).  She’ll appreciate the well fitting jeans, and you’ll get an early start on the break-in process.
7. Martin Dingman Woodrow Houndstooth Belt:  Belts add flare, and this option from the Ozarks has a tortoise shell detail on the buckle.  Not much cooler than that.
8. Smart Turnout Felsted Striped Socks:  Cool socks for a cold night.  Keep your toes insulated.  She may not see these…but she might…
9. Dubarry Kerry Chelsea Boots:  Let’s call these ‘dress boots’.  They look great with just about everything, and have a more updated style when done right.
10. Filson Guide Jacket in Soy Wax:  Your outer layer should have plenty of pockets to stow away all your (and her) stuff.
11. Cash Money:  Don’t ever open a tab at a concert.