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The word is that the sold out Sturgill Simpson show at Terminal West tonight is the hottest ticket in town. It’s definitely the most talked about show this year per my social media feeds. My introduction to Sturgill Simpson came by chance at the Jason Isbell show in Atlanta last year. A friend at the show asked if I’d heard of him and at the time, I had not. I tucked the name into a corner of my brain and made a note to check it out. For some reason, I never felt compelled to give it a listen. You might chalk it up to “alt-country burnout” or the fact that there’s just so much music going on that it’s nearly impossible to keep it all straight. I guess I saw an advertisement for an Isbell show and the Ryman, saw that Simpson was on the bill and decided to get the download. My first impression was the guy’s voice. To my ear, he sounds like a Waylon clone and I nearly stopped it right there. Waylon’s good. A second rate Waylon copycat is not. I stayed with it and I’m so glad I did. Simpson’s voice is almost a carbon copy of Waylon but he takes it just a little further. “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music” is a timeless sound with some honest to goodness psychedelic atmospherics blended seamlessly into the background. The two “single” cuts from the album are “Turtles All the Way Down” and “Life of Sin”. “Turtles..” is a nice preview of the record. It’s traditional Nashville instrumentation and vocal with a freak out thrown in for good measure. And then the lyrics turn into a DMT experience complete with reptile aliens made of light… Great story behind the title, too. Check it out. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out or you’ve never been introduced, here it is and I’ll gladly take credit for the introduction. You should own this.

For the bonus material- you should know that before he became a solo act, Sturgill was active on the bluegrass circuit and is a hell of a guitar player to boot. There’s some great live footage that I’ll link to below with his old trio called Sunday Valley. Simpson is greasing the Tele and chicken pickin’ although in his current band, he mostly handles the D-28 and vocals. Also, I’ll link to an absolutely blistering performance from KEXP in Seattle. I won’t leave without encouraging those of you who like what you hear to go ahead and pickup his first solo record called “High Top Mountain”. As Mike Damone used to say- “you won’t regret it.”

If you’ve got tickets to the show, we look forward to the opportunity to rock out with you. If you don’t make it…get the album, crack a window and crack a cold one. Let’s have some fun!!!


“Turtles All the Way Down”:

Live on KEXP:

Sunday Valley – “Never Go To Town Again”

Lust: The Barbour Weymouth Sweater

I am really into this Barbour Weymouth sweater.  It might be the perfect ‘adult’ replacement to the typical fleece pullover.  It gives off that really cool ‘British Law Enforcement’ vibe.  You like?

Wednesday Jam: Sturgill Simpson – “Life of Sin”

Needless to say, I’m extremely excited for Friday night.


Sweaters, Socks, and Jackets…Fall is Here

I like the way Ledbury does their product releases.  They don’t have a huge seasonal release with a TON of new products.  Instead, they opt for a slow release of a few pieces here and there, which gives the shoppers and buyers a little more time to digest.  Sure, there are pros and cons to both, but Ledbury is selling to a certain type of guy; one that appreciates they way they work.

Their fall stuff is coming out, and it all looks really good.  They have two types of sweaters – the classic V-neck and the 4-button henley.  The colors are just right, and the fits are updated.  Not too big, but not too small.

Socks.  I know – I usually only wear socks in months I can’t golf (about 2 months a year), but when I do, I wear good ones.  Ledbury has expanded their collection, which is looking mighty fine.

And jackets…if you haven’t tried a Ledbury jacket, I highly recommend it.  They are a great value proposition, and have some really sharp looks.  The fit is on par with the J. Crew Ludlow collection, so if you wear a 40R there, you’ll wear a 40R here.

Great stuff, Ledbury.  Keep up the great work.

There Will Be Blood

Do yourself a favor and look at the SEC West schedule for this Saturday.  It’s almost as if there is no other college football this weekend….bloodbaths all around.  My boys at Criquet teed it up for the marquee matchup between Bama and Ole Miss in Oxford.  This one will be close, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Ole Miss come away with a victory.  They have to play the best 60 minutes of their entire football history.

Final Predictions:

Alabama vs. Ole Miss in Oxford: Extremely close.  You’ll give your Right Guard a run for it’s money this weekend.  Bama wins by a point.  28-27.

Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State in Starkville: Another close one.  A&M by a touchdown.

LSU vs. Auburn in Auburn: LSU of 2014 is a ‘wait in the weeds’ team.  It’s a matter of time before they jump up and bite you.  Well, this is their weekend – watch them come to Auburn and get the W.  Rookie QB and all.

Your thoughts?  Lemme have it…

1000 Words: Sid Mashburn Fall 2014

My friend Sid asked me to come by and shoot all his new Fall stuff.  I’ll let the photos do the talking:


On The List: Beretta A300 Outlander

I know, I know.  I have been talking about getting a shotgun for years.  Trip and Jordan are probably rolling their eyes at this post.  Regardless, I am so tired of borrowing guns.  I have come to a decision…the Beretta A300 Outlander will be mine…I love it.  Santa?  Are you listening?