Louisiana Folks: Head’s Up

Louisiana folks – head on over to George Bass in Baton Rouge today, and in New Orleans tomorrow to see what all this Strong Suit fuss is about…

Kick Around: Chelsea Boots

I’m a big fan of chelsea boots.  I like everything about them.  They look slick, and can be dressed up or dressed down.  Chelsea boots come in a variety of styles, with leather bottoms for a dressier look, or rubber bottoms that are built for comfort.  When shined up, they look like dress shoes – good dress shoes.  Be careful, though, go for a pair that has a traditional or rounded toe.  Avoid squares at all costs.  Think of these as a cool replacement for wing tips.  Well, that’s how I look at them.

Want to get fancy?  Try a pair in dark brown suede for a really good cool-weather look, or get a pair of black chelsea boots to wear with a dark suit or a tux.  Today, though, we are going to focus on the tan leather jobs.  Here are some of my favorites:

Clockwise from top left:

1. RM Williams Chelsea Boots: They’ve probably been making these boots forever, and had no idea that these options from the outback would be such a big hit.  Essentially, they don’t make them any better.  There are tons of sole options…so knock yourself out.
2. Sid Mashburn Chelsea Boots:  Of course Sid would have a chelsea boot.  Makes perfect sense.  His have a leather sole, so it’s essentially a dress shoe.  Wear these with anything from jeans to khakis to wool trousers (2″ cuff preferred).
3. Dubarry Kerry Leather Chelsea Boots:  Dubarry makes some outstanding stuff…and their Kerry boots are no exception.  The feature a rubber sole, so I’d avoid wearing them with wool trousers.  However, they will be comfortable all day long.  College football tailgating approved.
4. John Lobb Misty Leather Chelsea Boots:  The Rolls Royce of cheslea boots (and most other shoes).  It doesn’t get any better than a pair of Lobbs…and from their perspective – proven by the Dianite sole, these should be worn often, and for many hours at a time.
5. Ted Baker Camroon Chelsea Boots:  A lower profile option, but a super-sharp natural sole.
6. Wolverine Garrick Chelsea Boots: A great cost-friendly option, complete with football-grain leather and a really nice toe.

What did I miss?

Allow Me To Introduce: Little Brown Dog Trading Co.

The Mrs. and I were enjoying Charleston one weekend, and when we stopped in Grady Ervin, I noticed a belt:

Having a lot of family connections to South Carolina, as well as being completely in love with Boykins, I was immediately hooked.  Little Brown Dog Southern Trade Company is a new company based out of Columbia by Ashley & Will Batson, and their Boykin Spaniel Scarlett.  I reached out, and had an outstanding conversation with the LBD team.  We are catching these folks early, as their goods are only available at retailers (don’t worry, ecommerce is coming).  Here is all you need to know:

What is the history of Little Brown Dog?  Little Brown Dog Southern Trade Co’s outdoor apparel first hit retail stores in 2013, when our first batch of custom-made t-shirts flew off shelves. Our story? Well, it started years ago. when we got a Boykin Spaniel, and life as we knew it changed.  Scarlett’s small size is misleading. Her enthusiastic and energetic nature is unlike any other dog we’ve met, to say the least. (Birds! Squirrels! Trees! Time for our morning walk!)

We had no idea just how much this lovable, little brown hunting dog would enrich our lives and help us appreciate the great outdoors even more. She’s the real inspiration behind the Little Brown Dog Brand and our celebration of fabulous outdoor living.

What is so special about the Boykin Spaniel?  Boykins are the most loyal companions and best family dogs, but they also assert their own independence. They are the perfect size (can fit in your lap) but also make wonderful retrieving and flushing dogs. That was the happy medium Will and I struck when we decided on the Boykin breed. They also happen to be the South Carolina State Dog and were bred for hunting in the southern swamps in small boats.
What type of person is a Little Brown Dog customer?  Everyone–but mostly people who appreciate southern culture and have a relaxed lifestyle. They love dogs, the outdoors, hunting/fishing, football, tailgating, the South…etc
What is the ideal weekend for the Little Brown Dog team?  Currently the past 4 weekends have involved taking Scarlett (and our lab Cheerio) out to the Dove Field to shoot doves, cooking out and watching football with our friends and enjoying this fabulous fall weather with our baby boy (6 months old). An ideal weekend usually involves spending time on our family farm and enjoying the outdoors with our dogs and family OR in Edisto on a boat fishing or going on a sunset cruise.
Clemson Tigers or South Carolina Gamecocks?  Clemson Tigers all the way (Ashley is a 2003 grad of Clemson) but we live in Columbia and have been known to enjoy a Carolina game or 2…
What’s coming from Little Brown Dog?  We are in the process of launching e-commerce and expanding our reach. The possibility of some LBD lifestyle events in Charleston, SC. Also new t-shirt and hat designs in the works!
What’s playing on your iPod?  Darius Rucker Radio on Pandora
Check out Little Brown Dog on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.  You won’t be disappointed.

Christopher Columbus’ ships have…(wait for it)…SALES?

Wipe that grin of your face, Chris.  I know you’ve got sales.  Big sales.  Here you go:

Brooks Brothers:  Columbus Day sale.  50% off sale section, and 3 dress shirts for $189.  Click here.

J. Crew:  30% off full price and 40% off sale section.  Do some damage.  I got this awesome sweatshirt.

Bonobos: Extra 25% off all sale items.  Click here.

Jack Spade:  Extra 25% off all sale items.  Check out this Expedition Tote for $75(!)

Orvis: They have their softest Quarter-zip Sweatshirts on sale for $49 each.  Pull the trigger.

Onward Reserve:  They just added a bunch of Barbour stuff to their sale section.  Get some.

East Dane: They just added the Imogene + Willie Barton slim fit selvedge jeans in Indigo to their sale section.  You won’t believe the price.

Club Preppy: Go ahead and get signed up today…there is a HUGE sale starting tomorrow.  Trust me.

Anything else I missed?

High Five

The Saturday edition.  Having some fun, folks…here are five things I’ve got my eye on:

1. Club Glove ‘Last Bag’: I’m very particular about bringing my clubs when me when I travel, even if I only have one round scheduled.  I’m afraid my 15-year-old travel bag that was a tournament gift has had it’s Swan Song.  Time to upgrade.  This one may be a little bulky in the middle, but I like the idea of extra room in case I need to stuff it before I check it.  The Green/Copper color combination is pretty sharp, too.

2. Vintage Ash Trays: I used to have a leather valet that held all my stuff, but I want something a little more sturdy.  We’ll talk more about this later…

3. Dubarry Kildare Boots: I tried these on last time I was in Charleston at Grady Ervin, and was really impressed with how comfortable they are.  I have been wearing my old Red Wing 1155s as a casual, knock-around boot, but they are pretty heavy, and not built for comfort.  These may be a GREAT addition in the fall and winter months.

4. Social Primer “Wentworth Street” Shirt: I am a huge fan of the long sleeve t-shirt, and I am a huge Social Primer fan.  Put the two together and it’s a no-brainer.  Count me in…

5. Nick Chubb.  I’ve got Chubb for Gurley.

Questions?  Comments?  Let’s hear it…


Sturgill Simpson. More.

The word is that the sold out Sturgill Simpson show at Terminal West tonight is the hottest ticket in town. It’s definitely the most talked about show this year per my social media feeds. My introduction to Sturgill Simpson came by chance at the Jason Isbell show in Atlanta last year. A friend at the show asked if I’d heard of him and at the time, I had not. I tucked the name into a corner of my brain and made a note to check it out. For some reason, I never felt compelled to give it a listen. You might chalk it up to “alt-country burnout” or the fact that there’s just so much music going on that it’s nearly impossible to keep it all straight. I guess I saw an advertisement for an Isbell show and the Ryman, saw that Simpson was on the bill and decided to get the download. My first impression was the guy’s voice. To my ear, he sounds like a Waylon clone and I nearly stopped it right there. Waylon’s good. A second rate Waylon copycat is not. I stayed with it and I’m so glad I did. Simpson’s voice is almost a carbon copy of Waylon but he takes it just a little further. “Metamodern Sounds in Country Music” is a timeless sound with some honest to goodness psychedelic atmospherics blended seamlessly into the background. The two “single” cuts from the album are “Turtles All the Way Down” and “Life of Sin”. “Turtles..” is a nice preview of the record. It’s traditional Nashville instrumentation and vocal with a freak out thrown in for good measure. And then the lyrics turn into a DMT experience complete with reptile aliens made of light… Great story behind the title, too. Check it out. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out or you’ve never been introduced, here it is and I’ll gladly take credit for the introduction. You should own this.

For the bonus material- you should know that before he became a solo act, Sturgill was active on the bluegrass circuit and is a hell of a guitar player to boot. There’s some great live footage that I’ll link to below with his old trio called Sunday Valley. Simpson is greasing the Tele and chicken pickin’ although in his current band, he mostly handles the D-28 and vocals. Also, I’ll link to an absolutely blistering performance from KEXP in Seattle. I won’t leave without encouraging those of you who like what you hear to go ahead and pickup his first solo record called “High Top Mountain”. As Mike Damone used to say- “you won’t regret it.”

If you’ve got tickets to the show, we look forward to the opportunity to rock out with you. If you don’t make it…get the album, crack a window and crack a cold one. Let’s have some fun!!!


“Turtles All the Way Down”:

Live on KEXP:

Sunday Valley – “Never Go To Town Again”

Lust: The Barbour Weymouth Sweater

I am really into this Barbour Weymouth sweater.  It might be the perfect ‘adult’ replacement to the typical fleece pullover.  It gives off that really cool ‘British Law Enforcement’ vibe.  You like?