There is something about this time of year. If I had my way, I would hibernate until Easter.  I love being at home with Mrs. RCS and #FrankDawg, going to be early, and doing my best to get in the gym to rid myself of the Christmas calories.  But we all get cabin fever sooner than later…so we sneak off to much warmer weather…more on that later.

It’s cold out.  I HATE cold weather.  I would have a hard time living much farther north than I do now.  Cold weather has this crisp, dry feel.  I can’t explain it, but this time of year I’m drawn to blues and grays.  Maybe all the North Pole shows?  The color of the sky?  Whatever.  This is how I do it during the Winter months:

From Top Left:

1. Persol 714 Sunglasses:  Persol is about as cool as it gets, and the bigger, bluer lenses make these just right for this time of year.
2. Brooks Brothers Half-Zip Sweater:  First off, medium or light grey is totally under appreciated in the sweater world.  It has a silver look that provides a great contrast with darker jeans and a dark jacket.
3. Penfield Kassan Mountain Parka:  Get something big and blue to protect yourself from the elements.  Down provides warmth and the 60/40 blend provides some water resistance.
4. Gitman Vintage Daywatch Japanese Volle Shirt:  Blue and grey plaid is absolutely perfect for this time year.
5. Tory Leather Spur Buckle Belt:  I actually prefer the medium brown leather during the winter.  I think it looks great and patinas just right come Spring and Summer.
6. Wolverine 1000 Mile Courtland Boots:  Dress boots are starting to become more and more mainstream, not just for the bearded urbanites who are just waiting for the next fad.  Take care of these like dress shoes and they won’t let you down.
7. Stance Blantree Cashmere Socks:  If you have to wear socks (and this time of year it’s a must), then get cashmere.  Of course.  Just don’t put them in the dryer.
8. Naked & Famous Skinny Guy Natural Indigo Selvedge Jeans:  The indigo color has a great blue tone and a good fit.  These are just wide enough to fit over your boots.
9. Orvis Cashmere-lined Deerskin Gloves:  Gloves are a bit of an anomaly, since you’ll only wear them a few times a year.  Since that is the case, it’s fine to make a smart investment…again, cashmere is the way to go, and deerskin is soft and functional.
10. Filson 48-hour Duffle Bag:  Let’s be honest, an overnighter is tough in the winter, considering all the layers you’ll need.  extra real estate when packing is a good thing.

What are your go-to’s during the Winter months?

Hands On: Read Wall

I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting Read Wall of his so-named DC showroom.  He told me his story and the story around his shop, which is outstanding.  They’ve recently released a line of sport shirts, which Read asked me to review.  We’ll cover that in the next post, but I wanted to show off these shirts before they go get pressed:

Here’s what you need to know off the bat:  Thomas Mason fabric, heavy oxford cloth, and a super cool cut.  Just look at that collar roll…  Check out the full line here.  MUCH more to come…for now, here are the out-of-the-box images of my shirts:


Gut Reactions: Congratulations, Bama (AND Clemson)

Preface: last night I watched the game, then a couple interviews, turned the TV off, and went to sleep.  I woke up about an hour ago, and haven’t watched any news or read any articles about the game.  Now that the emotions have dulled a bit, here are my thoughts on the game:

1.  The best National Championship game I’ve ever seen is the 2006 Texas vs. USC game where Vince Young single-handedly beat the Trojans in the 4th quarter.  The 2016 Clemson vs. Alabama game ranks right up there.  We’ll talk about this game as a standard-bearer for what is expected in the modern playoff structure.  Alabama is right where you expect them, and Clemson is shooting up the ranks in terms of national prominence.  Dabo is worth every penny…Bama is going to have to pay him boy band money to come to Bama after Saban retires.

2.  Deshaun Watson is the best player in College Football.  Clemson has a lot of skill players and a good OL, but this is the best Bama defensive front ever, and Watson still put up 400+ yards.  Henry is an awesome RB and deserved the Hiesman, but it would have been a different story if the voters were able to include this game.


3.  Alabama’s butt was saved by the tight end.  Numerous times.  Hats off to Lane Kiffin, who is about as slimy as Jabba the Hutt’s gym clothes, but got the ball to #88 when it counted.

4.  Dabo has a valid argument for the clock management by the refs at the end of the first half.  If the clock had been managed correctly, Clemson would have had 14 seconds and a time out, which is enough time to run one, maybe two plays before having to attempt a kick.  Instead, they had no time outs, and only 9 seconds on the clock.  I’m not a big ‘what-if’ guy, but we are talking about Clemson’s offense, who didn’t have much trouble getting the ball down the field – especially in the first half.  A Clemson lead at halftime would have changed the complexity of the game.

5.  I love onside kicks.  That won the game for Alabama.  Clemson had perfected the trick plays leading up to this one, but with one chip kick, Alabama was able to immediately swing the momentum to their side.

6.  Alexander’s injury really hurt Clemson.  There was a hole in the defense, and it was exploited.

“I don’t talk trash.  I speak facts.”

7.  I’m guessing Bama has a stable of running backs behind Henry…for their sake, I hope.  Especially since Henry is a foot taller than their last Heisman-winning RB.


8.  I wonder how the Bama coaching staff feels about Coker.  Their offense requires a QB to manage their offense, not do anything out of the norm.  Very McCarren-ish.  Very “don’t eff it up”.  Coker is more of a wild card.  Bigger risk, and potentially bigger reward.  He did spend a lot of the night on his back, though.

9.  Saban isn’t retiring any time soon.  He was way too emotional.  Compare that to Mark Richt, who coached his last few games from a lounge chair…

10.  Clemson will be the Pre-season #1 team, and Watson will be the favorite for the Heisman.  They will also keep Vegas very happy…  The line was 6.5, and that last Clemson TD moved quite a bit of money away from the favorite.  Nice play…

Oh, and Hey Kirby!

Final Thoughts On The National Championship

For the Alabama fan, tonight’s game has a ‘business as usual’ feel.  They are great.  They are hot.  They are clicking on all cylinders.  From day one of the season (which essentially starts tomorrow), the National Championship is their goal.  This is what ‘The Process’ is all about for them.

For the Clemson fan, this is an opportunity for national prominence.  It’s fair to say that the expectations at Clemson are just as high as Alabama, but in reality, an ACC Championship is a HUGE season.  And here they are, undefeated and the underdog in the National Championship with a steep hill to climb.  Win this one, and Dabo will be Frank Howard-level legendary in Clemson lore.  Here’s the thing: Clemson has all the pieces to beat Alabama tonight, and I think they’ll do it.  Not by much, but it feels like the perfect end to a perfect season.

And that’s what they’ll have to be tonight: perfect.  Yep, think about Billy Bob Thornton in ‘Friday Night Lights’.  “Can you be perfect?”.  That’s Clemson tonight.  I would be surprised if Dabo isn’t giving a speech like that right before kickoff.  Clemson has to play a perfect game tonight to beat Alabama.  Alabama is like Iceman from “Top Gun”.  They’ll wear you down, and as soon as you make a mistake they’ve got you.  Clemson can’t fumble.  They can’t throw any interceptions.  They have to make all the catches, all the blocks, and dominate on special teams.  They have to run the table.

The Tigers will be perfect tonight.  And they will be champions.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

David Bowie, 1947-2016

It would be difficult to present a list of the coolest, most influential musicians in the modern era without including David Bowie.  He was original.  Synth-rock wouldn’t be a thing without Bowie’s vision.  It’s tough to swallow, but cancer has taken a great one.  Rest in peace, David Bowie.

The Farquhar Fly Bird

The good folks at Orvis brought this to my attention…anyone that has ever thrown a line in the water knows the exhilaration of when a fish hits.  There is nothing like it.  Well, here’s a pretty nuclear example of one of those hits…wait for it:

This is inspiring…good Lord I can’t wait to get out and fish.

ON FIRE: Widespread Panic covering ABB’s ‘Jessica’ on 12/29/15

Good lord.  It just got really hot in here….one of my favorites of all time by one of my favorites of all time. Let this one sink in, folks:


Were you there?