Allow Me To Introduce: Linksoul (Complete With A Giveaway)

I believe it’s fair to say that golf season is in full swing here in the South.  I played on Sunday and tried to knock some rust off.  I played OK, made some good shots, made more bad shots, but identified quite a few areas where I need to improve.  That’s what it’s all about.

Now, with #menswear as popular as ever, there are so many great brands becoming relevant in the overall scheme.  Even in the golf apparel segment.  One of the brands making huge strides is Linksoul.  Linksoul was started by John Ashworth (yep, of the golf brand Ashworth) after quite a few stops around golf related apparel companies.  He learned quite a bit over the years, and his sharp eye and experience has his Linksoul brand is quickly popping up all over the place.

Linksoul is a California golf company, so it has a seriously cool vibe.  I have had the pleasure of playing golf in California quite a few times, from the Bay Area all the way down to San Diego.  It’s a different type of vibe on the West Coast.  You walk.  There isn’t any humidity.  The courses are a different shade of green.  The greens are fast.  The 19th hole is more about enjoyment rather than recovery.  I love it.  Linksoul captures that vibe perfectly.

I had the pleasure of meeting John Ashworth through a mutual friend.  Awesome guy.  He really cares about what’s going on.  I’ll let him speak:

What is the history of Linksoul? Goes way back to when I was an 8 year old kid and my mom gave me the choice of Sunday School or caddie for my dad on Sunday mornings. That decision sealed my fate. It’s been a crazy ride and every experience along the path has been part of the process of defining the art and culture of Linksoul. But when I read the sequel to Golf in the Kingdom called the Kingdom of Shivas Irons there was a line in the book that read “golf is what links the soul to the flesh’ and that was when I put the name together. And then of course it has many meanings – ‘Links’ is where golf began in Scotland, it is the sandy dunes that links the land to the sea. ‘Soul’ is the spiritual nature of a human being. But a description that nails the spirit of the name is when four complete strangers show up at any golf course on the planet and happen to get paired together for the day on the golf course there is a good chance after battling the course, the elements and their own demons together out in nature that they will become lifelong friends. Not many chances for that happening in this world, and that is precious and worth promoting and worth fighting to keep the virtues of golf intact.

In the back of my mind even back in the early 90’s I had been thinking of Linksoul as an alternative expression to what I was doing at the time. I even used it in some graphic art in some print pieces for the Ashworth brand at the time. And then when I was doing Fidra for Quiksilver I had actually trademarked the name but it was Links Soul and used it on some t-shirts and print things. When I left Fidra I requested from Bob McKnight, the Chairman of Quiksilver if I could please have my Linksoul trademark back because I felt so attach to the spirit of the name and some day I felt I would want to use it to start a company. In 2008 I was asked to come back to ‘consult’ for Ashworth Inc. and about one year later Adidas/Taylormade bought the brand. They asked me to stay on which I did but you know it’s not going to last when they said ‘here’s your office but you really don’t have to come to work’, and about a year later I was given my walking papers. That’s when I decided to start Linksoul for real, I suppose it was 2011.

What made you decide to start Linksoul?   Several reasons really. #1. I felt it was deja vu for me when I walked into any golf shop at the time, every golf shop was 100% polyester and I hate 100% polyester knit shirts and I know a lot of my friends do too. So I felt there was this huge gaping hole in the market once again.  #2. I enjoy collaborating and working with people I love and trust to make beautiful comfortable clothing in the look and feel that we create. I have a core group of family and friends that I have worked with over the years and they were ready to go for it again. They are talented people and that gave me the confidence to crank it up again. #3. I enjoy promoting all the virtues of golf and try to create an awareness that is cool to golfers and non-golfers alike, so they appreciate the game as a recreation and a healthy pastime.

What is your favorite course?  It’s a tie – Goat Hill Park in Oceanside California and the Old Course in St. Andrews Scotland

How would you convince someone to take up golf?  By taking them to Scotland and Ireland and they’ll be hooked forever or getting them to spend a few days with Peter Beames at Goat Hill Park

Who is your pick for The Masters?  Geoff Ogilvy or Ryan Moore

Have you ever thrown a 3-iron (or any other club) into the lake?  Nope, not to say I never chucked a club before though, just never in a lake. I had a temper when I was a punk teenager, I remember sticking one up in a tree once.

What’s on your Spotify playlist?  I use Pandora…super eclectic mix…everything


John is pretty pumped about golf season starting soon.  To celebrate, we are doing a giveaway for a Linksoul golf shirt of your choice, one of their ‘Make Par Not War’ hats, and a Linksoul t-shirt of your choice:


Leave a comment to enter…for additional entries:

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Get your entries in by Sunday night at midnight ET; I’ll announce a winner around lunchtime on Monday, March 23rd.

Special thanks to John and his team at Linksoul for providing the goods for the giveaway.


Greened Out

With tomorrow being St. Patrick’s Day, there are some rules that need to be followed.  I love the general attitude: We are all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.  Because of that, us non-Irish folks should pay some respect to our Irish friends by wearing green.  Now, wearing green is one of my favorite things to do…maybe it’s the Georgian in me, and it makes me think of golf, The Masters, Springtime, and collards.  St. Patrick’s Day lines right up.

Here are a few ways to do green right.  Now, don’t wear them all together, or you’ll end up getting asked questions like “where’s the pot of gold?”, or something about Lucky Charms.

Keep in mind – you have to wear something green, or you’ll get pinched.  This could be strategic…and not a bad move, but for those that choose to participate, here you go:

From top left:

1. Green hat from your favorite club:  You probably already have this in your closet, and it’ll make you look like an old pro…like someone that thinks ahead.  Well done.
2. Sid Mashburn Green Gingham Spread Collar Sport Shirt:  We all own a dozen or so gingham shirts, so break out the green on Tuesday.  The spread collar dresses this one up; it’ll look great under a blazer.
3. Smathers & Branson Clover Needlepoint Flask:  Irish whiskey anyone?  This flask makes it good to travel.
4. Rolex “Hulk” Submariner 116610LV:  I’ll tell you what time it is…watch me flex.
5. La Matera Bariloche Belt:  This is a green item that should be in your closet anyway…and St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to wear it, and show everyone how much cooler you are.
6. Criquet Wide Stripe Green Player’s Shirt:  See #5.
7. Smart Turnout Inns of Court Grosgrain Watch Strap:  A nice way to give your wrist a little flare.
8. Incotex Chinolino Pants:  Green pants take balls.  If you meet the requirement, then get nice green pants.  Like these.
9. Rancourt Shell Cordovan Pinch Penny Loafers:  There isn’t a better excuse to buy some green shell cordovan loafers than ‘Hey, it’s St. Patrick’s Day…these will really bring the outfit together’.
10. State Traditions Ireland Hat:  Unless you are at least 25% Irish, be careful wearing the Irish flag, etc…otherwise it’s like wearing the t-shirt of the band you are going to see.  If you are >25%, get this hat.
11. Boast Giant Tennis Ball Tee:  While I’m not a big “t-shirt in public guy”, festivals and the like are OK…especially when debauchery is expected to ensue.  Get a cool green t-shirt, though…something that will raise some eyebrows.
12. J.T. Spencer Shamrock Belt:  Excellent way to give St. Patrick’s Day a nod…and you can wear it on the golf course…I am waiting on feedback as to whether or not this belt will help you sink more putts.
13. Orvis Pima Cotton Sweatshirt:  In case your St. Patrick’s Day parade is cold…or you are out late night…keep the green going.
14. Stubbs & Wooten Yuppie Slippers:  Any excuse to wear these bad boys is a good excuse.

How are you doing green tomorrow?  What did I miss?



A big congratulations to Southern Soul BBQ for winning the Hot Sauce Bracket, and a special thanks to all of the other awesome Georgia BBQ spots that participated.  Moving on to the second round, which will be known as the Mild Sauce Bracket (do you get the theme now?), we pit another great group of BBQ places to earn their place in the Peach State Pride X RCS Georgia BBQ Bracket Challenge final four.

Let’s get this one going!  Voting in the first round ends on Tuesday at 10PM ET, so get your vote in!


Let’s keep the PG rated smack talk going!

From ACL – “The Simple Way to Care For Your Jeans”

One of the coolest corners of the Interwebs just got cooler.  Check out the collaboration A Continuous Lean did with Mr. Porter on the proper way to clean jeans…Very valuable for those of us who wear raw/selvedge denim.  Here’s the video:




Well here we are, folks – the finals for the first of four brackets.  Our first week has been a huge success, and we’ve got a lot more to cover.  The Hot Sauce bracket has had some passionate fans from all over the state voting hard for their choice – let’s say we’ve seen a lot of Peach State Pride.  In the end there are two:  Southern Soul BBQ in St. Simons, and Scotts Walk Up in Cartersville.  This is to move on to the overall Final Four, where voting will take place during Masters week.  We’ll leave this one open all weekend until Sunday at 10PM ET, so let’s hear it!


Keep that smack talk coming!

Peter Millar…Looking Sharp

Seriously…Peter Millar knocked it out of the park with this one.   Looks like Easter Sunday if you ask me…


On to the final four of the Hot Sauce bracket!  I am simply amazed at the passion my fellow Georgians feel for their BBQ.  It is heartwarming.  But we’ve go to keep this thing going…  The voting for the final four will go until Friday at 10PM ET.  Let’s get down to business!


Keep the PG-rated smack talk coming!