Masters Viewing Party at Onward Reserve Buckhead

Folks – you are ALL invited.  Come by the Onward Reserve store in Buckhead on Friday, April 11th anytime between 3 and 7PM for THE Masters Viewing Party.  This is what to expect:

Masters on multiple TVs in HD
Free beer
Free BBQ from Slap or Salvation
Chubbies Pop-Up (Masters Green shorts, anyone?)
Chance to win a Yeti Cooler

Tell your friends…see you there.

Ebay Find: MLB Baseball Visors

Ebay continues to be the de-facto thrift store-esqe store for those hard to find items, or those things you never know existed.  I’ve had quite a bit of luck on Ebay in the past, and continue to search.  I’m like an explorer.

Well, the streak continues.  I came across these vintage baseball visors the other day, and am very intrigued.  With the season just kicking off, and knowing that I’m a visor guy (like a lot of RCS readers), why has no one capitalized on this yet?  The only visors available are the really low profile options that are basically a headband.  My guess is that a high profile tour visor with the MLB logo (or the like) is an untapped market…

Anyway…more Ebay goodness:

A Walk Around Billy Reid: Spring 2014 Collection

Billy Reid continues to knock it out of the park.  His Spring 2014 collection is nothing short of inspiring for the well-dressed man.  The feel is that of traditional and vintage pieces that are high quality and an updated throwback style.  I’ll let the images from walking around the Atlanta store speak for themselves:

How to Buy Your First (or Second) Nice Watch – With Help from H.Q. Milton

Guys don’t wear jewelry outside of a class ring or a wedding ring.  We don’t carry purses.  We have limited options for nice pieces of flare as compared to the fairer sex.  A good pair of shoes or a nice blazer is about as deep as it goes, other than the one shining North Star that adorns our wrist: a nice watch.  A nice watch is investment purchase, it’s something that will be worn for years to come, and eventually be handed down to the next generation.  No man should feel bad about wearing one.  Your insurance agent will agree.

I made my purchase a year ago: a Panerai PAM112.  I love this watch.  It was a tough check to write, but was completely worth it.  It’s a beautiful piece that I wear almost every day (much to the chagrin of my other watches).  I’m not one of those guys that wipes it down with a diaper every night; instead, I wear it.  I chose the Panerai because it met all of the characteristics that I was looking for: it is unique, as in you don’t see to many of these, it is sturdy, so that I can wear it and not worry about the delicacy of the piece, and it fits my personality.

I’m at the point now where I’m in the market for my second nice watch.  I’ve written about this in the past, looking at some IWCs or another Panerai, but at this point, it doesn’t feel like either of those are what I’d like to add to the war chest.  After watching Hodinkee and other sites over the last six months, I’ve decided that I’d like to get something vintage.  Not only will this be a more affordable, but it will have some built in character, as well as a story.

One of the best corners on the Internet for vintage watches is H.Q. Milton.  Founder Scott Kaplan and Partner Jacek Kozubek run the San Francisco-based shop, and they have an online presence as well.  Beware: it’s like watching SFW watch porn.  You can’t look away.  They are experts in vintage watches, and only sell watches that they would wear themselves.

Given my predicament, they were nice enough to sit down and give some advice on making that once (or multiple) in a lifetime purchase, as well as provide some images of their outstanding stock:

How should a guy shop for a nice watch?  The two big options are to shop locally for a new watch from an authorized dealer. If you go out side the AD circuit, then the second best place is to shop online.  Granted there could be local gray market shops, but they exist on the fact that people don’t do their homework and sometimes pay high retail prices.  Do your homework!  Watch forums like and are two great places to start.

What should a guy look for in a nice watch?  A guy should look for something that suits his needs. If you are a dapper guy, then there are many super fun dress watches.  If you want a sport look, there are also a lot of watches to suite your needs.  Don’t buy a piece because you see it on a billboard.  The same people like the latest James Bond stuff could end up buying something completely different than their lifestyle.  Remember, the guys that are on the billboards are modeling a watch, and their personal life is much different than what they are paid to represent.

Is there any specific brands that one should look for?  If you want to see what is actually popular and cool, then look at auctions.  In my opinion, the pinnacle of watch collecting are the same pieces that do well in auction: Vintage Rolex and Vintage Patek pieces.  The other stuff is cool, but these two brands are the best.

What sort of research should a guy do prior to buying a nice watch?  It is important to reference a specific model number and go online and see what everyone else has or has sold.  There are also plenty of dealers to talk to…like us.

What type of questions should be asked when shopping for a nice watch?

Does it run?

Is everything original to the time period to when the watch was produced?

Are there are any major deficiencies or problems with the watch?

What are the benefits of buying a vintage watch vs. a new one?  It’s more of a stylistic thing. Vintage pieces capture a type of feeling that the brands can only dream of touching upon.  There is  a big trend in modern pieces to design them to look like vintage pieces.  I would say vintage watches are like vintage cars.  The new stuff may be built better, go faster, and won’t break, but the older stuff just feels cool. It’s not better… it’s different.

I have a nice watch, and am ready to add a second one to my collection.  What should I look for?  Something that fits your lifestyle.  You can’t go wrong with a vintage Rolex Sport model from the 60′s – 80′s…that’s the way to go.

Be sure to save the H.Q. Milton site to your bookmarks.  You’ll thank me later.  When you tell me what time it is, from your new, vintage watch.

Flooded St. ‘Cooper River Classic’ Limited Edition Shirts

Flooded St. has come back with a fury…releasing their newest design: the Cooper River Classic shirt in red and navy.  These are in a limited release, so get on over and get’chu one (or two).

Available on their site here

Randolph Sportsman Aviator Sunglasses

In mens style, some things change, and some things remain the same.  Aviator sunglasses have been popular since way before Tom Cruise played Maverick.  Aviators have been a consistent ‘must have’ for any guy (and girl for that matter).  They go with everything, and there are enough variations to fit any style of face.

I’ve been on the Randolph train for quite some time.  I really like their company – they are great to work with, and they make killer glasses.  Their glasses aren’t part of the ‘mainstream’ like another brand of easily accessible aviators.  Instead, you have to sort of ‘know’ about them.  They are like Persol about three or four years ago, and are heading on the same trajectory.

I was in need of a new pair of aviators for my upcoming nuptials in an undisclosed Caribbean location…enter the Randolph Sportsmans:

These are outstanding.  They have a really sturdy feel at all the joints.  They aren’t heavy, but they are substantial.  I like the sweat bar, as it adds a bit of panache to a relatively bland world of aviators.

The other important part to me was polarized lenses.  Check.  98-100% of the UVs will be blocked from my Lasik-ly corrected eyeballs.

And they are made in the USA.  Yep.  Thumbs up from this homeboy.

Getting Floral, Guys

Looking to expand your Spring and Summer wardrobe verticals?  Get on board with some florals, guys.

The general perception in the US is that floral designs lean towards a feminine palate, but in fact it’s just the opposite – as long as it’s the right floral designs.  I’ll argue that 95% of Lilly designs worn by men are GTH, therefore more ‘costume-y’ than anything else.  Now, it takes a bit of attitude to pull off some floral designs, and it’s safe to say that you need to be confident in your style before dipping your toe into the floral end of the pool.  When done right, it looks great.  Really great.   Here’s the stuff that I like:

From top left:

1. Double-faced Floral Tie from Bloomingdales:  An excellent option for Easter.  There is a good texture feel to this that gives it some depth.
2. Floral Linen Sport Shirt from Saks:  Linen shirts are a go-to for Spring and Summer, as if they are the warm weather replacements for chambray.  Linen doesn’t have to be solid, and this one with small white flowers is very versatile.
3. General Knot Vintage Flame Rose & Indigo Tie: This great looking tie will make a statement under a blue blazer.
4. Tommy Hilfiger Duncan Floral Shorts:  A muted version of the GTH pants, these shorts would be perfect on the course or at the pool with a white polo or oxford and bit loafers.  Of course – after they are shortened just a bit.
5. The Knottery Patterned Nato Watch Strap:  Because solid watch straps get boring.
6. Strong Boalt Royal Blue Urchins Board Shorts:  Strong Boalt makes some very legit Palm Beach-ish swim trunks.  Get ‘em now on Five Mile for under $70 a pair.
7. ASOS Floral Chambray Pocket Square: There is no such thing as too many pocket squares.  Oh – and this one only costs $11.
8. Sid Mashburn X Liberty Pink Peppers Button down:  Liberty of London is the de-facto floral pattern designer for men.  They do work with some of the greats, including Sid Mashburn.  Since these button downs were released, they can’t keep them in stock.
9. J. Crew X Liberty “Chatham Bay” Floral English Cotton Tie:  Another bold tie option, this one in blue and white tones has a vintage feel that can be dressed up or down.
10. Vans X Liberty of London Canvas Sneakers:  Yeah, Vans.  I know.
11. General Knot 1960s Royal and Red Bandana Print and Tan Leather Belt:  Bandanas usually have some sort of floral pattern, so this made the list.  Not to mention that it’s a pretty badass belt.