Criquet X The Old Try: Half Sweet Tea, Half Lemonade

Criquet Shirts is paying tribute to Arnold Palmer, the inspiration behind their Players Shirt:

The company says “Thank you Arnold Palmer for being so kind, so graceful, so funny, so good at golf and so damn cool. You were an inspiration on and off the course: a loving husband, a man of the people, a king among golfers and the Player behind our Players Shirt. Here’s to you and may your legacy live on.”

For a limited time, a letterpress print will be available.  Details below on their tribute to the King, designed over many rounds with their friends at The Old Try.

  • Printed in Massachusetts
  • Print size 13″ x 20″
  • 110lb Lettra letterpress paper
  • Individually Numbered
  • Proudly Printed on 100% Cotton
  • Frame not included

How great would this look on your wall?  Get it quick…

Brushing Up: Fall Flannels (Round One)

In the cyclical evolution of design, it seems that the preferred, dress-shirt style has finally made it’s way to the thicker flannel and brushed cotton shirts.  For the longest time, flannel shirts fit more like tents.  Remember the old Abercrombie stuff?

There is no way you can wear one of those in a professional environment.  And you shouldn’t.

Flannel is an important part of a man’s wardrobe, and it should not be limited to these tent-like shirts or pajama pants.  Before we get into the good stuff, let’s talk about what flannel actually is.


There isn’t much difference between flannel and brushed cotton.  One is a fabric, and one is a technique:

Flannel is a soft woven fabric of various fineness.  Flannel is made from exclusively or a combination of cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers.  Flannel may be brushed for extra softness.

Brushed cotton is cotton fabric that has gone through brushing as a finishing process.  The brushing creates fine fibers from the yarns, giving it extra softness, and in turn, thickness.  Flannel is an example of brushed cotton.

Since flannel is a brushed cotton, we aren’t dealing with super luxurious Thomas Mason-esque fabrics.  Therefore, the price points for flannels and brushed cottons shirts are normally on the consumer-friendly side.  What you are paying for is the cut, and the exclusivity of the plaid (small batch vs. mass produced).  Here are a bunch that I’ve got my eye on:

1. Ledbury | 2. Ledbury | 3. Onward Reserve | 4. LL Bean | 5. New England Shirtmakers for Unionmade | 6. Ledbury | 7. Ledbury | 8. Onward Reserve | 9. LL Bean | 10. New England Shirtmakers for Unionmade


Incorporating well-fitting flannel shirts into your wardrobe is simple.  Since new flannels are cut more like dress shirts, they can be worn as such.  Higher arm holes, a trimmer fit, and better construction allow for a dressed up look.  On the dressier side, pair them with good chinos or 5-pocket style pants in any color (navy, khaki, greens) with a navy blazer or lambswool sweater and loafers.  Suede works especially well with flannel.  On the casual side, pair them with jeans and boots, top with a vest or Barbour and you are good to go.


I have purchased and placed some orders for flannels, and they should be arriving in the next week or so.  Some of them are included in the list above, and some aren’t.  I have a few must-haves when buying flannel shirts: fit, quality, and white buttons.  I’ll be reviewing my additions in the coming weeks.  First up, the options from Sid Mashburn and Southern Proper:

Southern Proper has really stepped up their game in terms of fit.  They have a GREAT tailored fit, which isn’t skinny, but definitely slimmer.  It’s a much more refined look and feel.  The armpit holes are a little higher, making it easier to layer, and the patterns are outstanding.

Sid knows what he is doing here.  Take their usual sport shirt fit and apply it to flannel.  Alterations included.  No brainer.

Don’t sleep on the older plaid designs, either.  A traditional flannel shirt in an updated fit is a GREAT look; one that will never go out of style.  The price point on the Southern Proper shirts are good – especially for what you get.



In terms of caring for flannel shirts, there are a couple ways to do it.  First, it’s fine to get these shirts dry cleaned, but absolutely NO STARCH.  The point of these shirts is to be soft, and starch completely negates all that is good.  Second, wash in cold water, and hang to dry.  Drying flannel is touchy, and I’ve never had good experience.  Anyway, let it hang dry, then iron with a ton of steam.  This way the shirt keeps it softness, but looks polished.

What are your go-to flannels?

Marty - October 10, 2016 - 12:35 PM

Good post. I’m a fan of flannel in cooler temps here in Louisiana. Works better for me than a jacket many times. Lands end and LLBean. Worn with my Bills khakis and I take care of them just like you said. And don’t forget about the chamois shirts. They work well too.

The Deal: The Stormy Kromer Cruiser

Looking for a wool winter coat alternative to a Pea Coat?  Check out this bad boy:  a 24 ounce-wool Cruiser Coat by Stormy Kromer.  Available at Redwood Quality Goods in chest sizes (which is nice – get a cleaner fit).  The best part?  The price.  Check it out…

1000 Words: Back in the Day (The Fraternity Party)

Oh how things have changed, but have stayed the same.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for opening up their vault…


Thanks to Mom and Dad for opening their vault…

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy’s Chicago

Wilco has always been on my radar.  I got ‘A.M.’ back in the late 90’s, and saw it as a great alternative to the more pop-friendly Gin Blossoms and the like.  Wilco had a more gritty sound, but was still very appropriate for driving around with the windows down.  I still have them on Spotify rotation.  Great tunes for when I’m in the office.

Fast forward to today.

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy gave Huckberry a rare interview and backstage pass to his adopted hometown of Chicago, all documented in an online field guide. Visit the guide to dig into all the anecdotes and moments captured.

In addition to the interview and tour of Chicago, Wilco fans will be interested to find:

  • Tweedy’s insight into the songwriting process in advance of Wilco’s forthcoming album Schmilco, which just came out on September 9, 2016
  • Huckberry’s dedicated shop featuring some of Tweedy’s favorite gear, exclusive Wilco products and autographed vinyl
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of storied Wilco studio, The Loft:

Enjoy, folks.  This is good stuff.

Tonight at Midnight: 25% off your Brooks Brothers Order

Team – 25% off your order at Brooks Brothers starting at midnight tonight.

A hint?  Go shopping now, fill up your cart, and add the code at midnight.  Boom.

More Than A Pretty Face


The Utility of ‘Sport Utility Vehicles’.  It’s no secret that I’m completely obsessed with these works of art, but I don’t own one (yet).  I love the idea of a project, and this would fill that niche.

Instead of the typical street-legal options, what if I went with something a little more utility…for example:

Pop top:

The ultimate tailgater:

A two-door station wagon?:

The ‘team bus’ for the next little league team I coach:

Big time sunroof:

Another tailgater.  Imagine pulling this bad boy up to the Grove?

I couldn’t not include one of these beauties:

You got it:

What do you think?  Where does the ‘street legal’ line end?

Images: Google Image Search

Landy - October 4, 2016 - 8:00 AM

They don’t have power steering, A/C or get above 65mph – they’re not practical but far from being non street legal. Any old Rover is a joy to drive. Now I miss my Defender

Randy - October 4, 2016 - 10:58 AM

A good friend of mine hauled a Dormobile similar to the top pic out of a field in BC and did a complete restoration. Double beds up top and down, the back door has a folding shelf that fits a Coleman stove. It is as good as it sounds and I’d be on the hunt for one if it weren’t for the sentimental attachment I have for the MGB in my garage.

Because a home really isn’t a home until you have a classic British car leaking oil all over the place.

Ryan - October 9, 2016 - 8:41 PM

There is a dormobile in decent shape on eBay right now.
I just bought a Series IIa. About 3 weeks left before I park it until Spring.

JD - October 4, 2016 - 2:25 PM

You could always go with a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and a Safari Top from

Brad - October 6, 2016 - 3:53 PM

100% agree…handsome vehicle. Check out this video of the Camel Trophy back in the day. Pure enjoyment.