Thanksgiving Survival Kit

From top left:

1. Wild Turkey ‘Rare Breed’ Bourbon:  Step it up a notch for the holiday.  Everything pairs well with turkey.
2. Gokey Double Sole Mocs:  The ultimate footwear for relaxing.  And there will be relaxing.
3. Pendleton Heroic Chief Blanket:  Cover up.
4. Leatherman Wave Multi-tool:  No matter the occasion, whenever families get together, there are chores.  
5. Woolrich Ten-Mile Socks:  Very versatile.  Good for everything from lounging to raking leaves to pick-up football.
6. iPad:  Because there will be gaps between football games, where control of the remote will be conceded…
7. Leather Head Football:  …or you can go outside and imitate that catch Sammy Watkins just made.
8. Filson Tin Jacket:  Stay warm, and be cool about it.
9. ‘The Last Man’ by Vince Flynn:  Instead of reading emails or textbooks, catch up on a good novel.
10: Viyella Shirt:  The ultimate Fall shirt.  
11. Tums: Since we’ll all be eating and drinking like the apocalypse is close, it’s good to prepare accordingly. 

Bill - November 21, 2012 - 9:35 AM

Thanks for the shout out to Sammy Watkins. We have a little game with the boys from down the road on Saturday.

yuki - November 21, 2012 - 2:19 PM

Dear Sir,
I am looking for any items as listed below :

* Leatherman-Wave
Qty : 20

Do you still have the product in stock? if so,how much the price ea?
and how do you ship the order to Singapore?
Do you accept visa or mastercard ?

I hope could hear back from you soon,thank you.

Yuki Minota

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