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Memorial Day Sales

Ahh…a long weekend.  There are a bunch of you who are probably on the road now heading to the beach, or in line at the airport heading someplace warm(er)…  Use this downtime to rest and relax, but also take advantage of some excellent Memorial Day sales.  I’ve started a roundup here, and will continue to […]

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The #WIWT Hoof Pick Belt

I posted this #WIWT picture on Red Clay Soul’s Instagram this morning, and got some questions about the belt: This is a hoof pick belt from Tory Leather in Oak Bark color, with a nickel buckle.  You can find it here…you will be VERY happy with the price…

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Zorro Gill - May 26, 2016 - 2:51 PM

Was hesitant to buy because it says it was a ladies belt, however it looks great. How is sizing?

Roger Russell - May 27, 2016 - 3:54 AM

I own 3 of these belts. I purchased my first one about 10 years ago from Orvis and paid $58.00 for it. It was most likely made for Orvis by Tory. I liked the belt so much I decided to start making them. The hook is available at Tack supply shops or Equestrian supply stores. The hooks retail for about $2.75. I purchased a Pelican hook from a Marina supply store for about $3.00 ,but never got around to making a belt.
A hoof pick is used to clean out the frog area of a horses hoof. That can be a very rancid area. There is nothing feminine about it. The guys that actually wore these belts for utilitarian purposes are some of the most rugged guys you could ever meet.

Roger Russell - May 27, 2016 - 4:14 AM

The sizing can be tricky. My initial belt is marked as large. I measure a 33 in the waist and would probably have done better with a medium because the belt stretched out over time. In a perfect scenario I would try it on and get the best fit.

Mark Your Territory: Monogramming for Father’s Day (Or for You)

Judging by the blog-world’s temperature, it seems that there has been a softening in the monogram mentality.  These days, it looks like most of the monogramming is happening on Yeti coolers and tumblers.  Given that everything is cyclical, especially in #menswear, I’m sure monogramming will be back in good graces soon. I’m here to do […]

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Alexandra Bee Blog - May 25, 2016 - 12:22 AM

Amen to this post! I have been a long time monogram lover, but hate how overdone and trendy they have become! A well-placed, classic monogram makes such a bold, yet elegant statement. I hate the fact that has been somewhat lost with the need to monogram EVERYTHING!

Nem - May 25, 2016 - 8:39 AM

Monogram a shirt cuff or hem, and your slide belt buckle. That’s it. Everything else is just a graduation gift or groomsman’s token and not recommended. - November 5, 2016 - 2:59 AM

That’s a sensible answer to a challenging question

On the List: The Allen Edmonds Green Northland Camp Moc

A quick hitter this Saturday morning… Allen Edmonds just released new colors of their Northland Camp Mocs.  Brown, Navy, and Red are good, but these Green mocs are GREAT.  I’m soft on driving shoes right now, electing for camp mocs instead.  I think they look great, they wear great, and adding some color is a […]

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Roger Russell - May 22, 2016 - 3:44 AM

I have had my eye on these a very long time. I know it has to be a quality product,
but I hate that uneven color on the outside of the sole.

Orvis Father’s Day Sweepstakes to Pursell Farms

Have y’all seen this?  The good folks at Orvis, who I am proud to say is a partner of Red Clay Soul, is giving away an amazing trip for Father’s Day. From Orvis: Win a trip for two to Pursell Farms – a premier, 3,000-acre family farm resort one hour southeast of Birmingham, Alabama with gracious […]

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Holland & Holland: Factory Craftsmanship (Video)

Holland & Holland shotguns are like nothing I’ve ever seen.  The company was founded in 1835 in London by Harris Holland.  They have four showrooms around the world; one of which is in New York.  I will be making a stop next time I’m in the city.  My first, real experience with Holland & Holland […]

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Quick Hitter: Breakfast Slippers

Maybe it’s an age thing, but I find myself wearing slippers a lot these days.  I have a great pair of LL Bean fleeced lined slippers that I got for Christmas and wear all the time.  The problem is they aren’t really great to wear this time of year.  Fleece lined doesn’t work in Spring-Summer-Fall […]

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