“Ready When You Are” Grizzard T-Shirts

I truly miss Lewis Grizzard.  I have all of his books and refer to them frequently.  He was an icon of the South, and I hate that there are generations that have missed the Grizzard experience.  Tip of the hat to Classic Georgia and Peach State Pride for doing their part in keeping his legacy going.  They just released the “Ready When You Are” t-shirt…the full quote:

“First, we really don’t care how you did it in Chicago. Second, if you miss it so much, Delta is ready when you are.”

The shirt is available in red, blue, and green.  What do you think?


Lust: The Ike Behar Knit Blazer

This might be the perfect summer blazer. The Tessilgrosso Jersey Knit is a nice change from the typical linen or cotton; it fits the body much better. It’s not a bad price point for an Italian-made blazer ($525).  Available in navy blue, heathered khaki, and heathered grey (in order, below):

Want one?  Call my friend Taylor (taylor@ikebehar.comat the Ike Behar shop in Charleston (843-737-5373).  He’ll get you all set to jet with the right size and color.

Happy Carolina Day

Today is Carolina Day, a distinctly Charlestonian holiday commemorating the Battle of Sullivan’s Island. On June 28, 1776, an assault by combined British naval and military forces was made to seize Charles Town, at the time the fourth largest city in British North America. They were repelled against all odds, and that victory is celebrated every year with parties and parades.

In light of everything that’s happened in Charleston, let’s all show our Carolina pride this weekend: wear your Palmetto gear as a show of solidarity and compassion for a great city and a great state that are going through the healing process.

Summertime Business Casual

It’s hot.  Really hot.  The kind of hot whose warm, humid air takes your breath away at 7AM when you step outside to go to work.  Hot is tough, but I’ll take it over cold weather every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Since most of us live in a business casual world, the monotony of khakis gets old.  I don’t care how great the lifestyle representation of *insert khaki brand*’s Instagram seems, wearing them five days a week can start to mess with your head.  Add in the summer heat, and expect rage.

What’s good?  Well, a lot of companies are starting to get this, and are beginning to produce clothing that fits the new business casual rules.  Not only will these new cuts and fits meet your company’s HR policies, but they will keep you cool during the Summer months:

From top left:

1. Finamore Napoli White Dress Shirt:  This might be the most important part of a summer wardrobe.  A good white shirt goes with everything, reflects heat, and fits well.  Think of this as the workhorse of your summer wardrobe.
2. Sid Mashburn Garment-Dyed Patch Pocket Sport Jacket:  Wool is pretty tough in the summertime; it’s hot.  Opt instead for a linen/cotton blend in a dark color for a professional look.  It’ll break in well.
3. Ledbury Hadley Check Dress Shirt:  Everyone loves a linen shirt, but most of them look like a huge Tommy Bahama-off-the-sale-rack option that only gets worn around the pool.  Companies like Ledbury have heard the call, and started producing linen and linen blend shirts in their signature cuts, still including higher arm holes, more formal collars, and plaids, which don’t show wrinkles like solids do…
4. Brooklyn Tailors Indigo Denim Dress Shirt:  When most people think about a denim shirt, they think about something ill-fitting, thick, bulletproof.  Think again, readers.  Today’s denim shirts are thin denim, which hold their shape better than chambray, but will break in and become as soft in no time.
5. Patrick Ervell Twill Jeans:  Jeans that aren’t jeans.  This is one of the best tricks in today’s business casual.  5-pocket style is GREAT in the summertime.  They aren’t as stiff as khakis, but still meet the dress code.  The key is to give them a quick iron before wearing them – NO CREASE (iron them flat).
6. Anderson’s Woven Belt:  A belt with a little flare…not too much; you get it.
7. J.Brand Kane Slim Straight Garment Dyed Jeans:  “Garment Dyed” is a great giveaway that the pants are not denim.
8. Southern Proper Linen & Wool Gentleman’s Jacket:  Some meetings need a jacket.  100% wool isn’t ideal, so blend it with linen and you are in business.  The Southern Proper girls know what’s up.
9. Naked & Famous Weird Guy Selvedge Chinos:  Pair these Naked & Famous chinos with #11 below, the Ledbury shirt and the Southern Proper jacket, and you will be dressed better than 90% of the khaki army.
10. Allen Edmonds Concord Bit Loafers:  No suede in summer?  Whatever.  I don’t like that rule, and you shouldn’t either.
11. Grenson Scott Tassel Loafers:  More suede, but in a darker shade.  Bring the big guns…

I’d love to hear your thoughts…how do you cheat in the Summer?

The Newest in New: The Smathers & Branson Red Clay Soul Fox Belt

So this happened.  Smathers & Branson was nice enough to create the official Red Clay Soul fox logo…and put one on a needlepoint belt.  I feel like I’ve made it…  How timely with the custom belts we’ve been talking about…  I’m super excited to get some miles on this bad boy.

Want one?  Contact the S&B custom orders folks and they’ll do it up for you.

In addition, a couple other custom Smathers & Branson belts have been trickling in:

From the top:

  • Chechessee Creek Club (thanks TJ!).  I love this belt…I can’t wait to get over and play with my Onward buddies.
  • Locksicker Papa Legba Belt.  I couldn’t resist…the burnt orange is awesome, and the design is spot on.  I have a couple pairs of their jeans at the tailors now, and can’t wait to bust this out with them.
  • RCS.

What do you think?  You like?

We’re All Losers : The RCS 2015 US Open Recap

“He three putted from 12 feet?  You’re sh!%ing me…”

“I’m in shock,” said Jordan Spieth in a post-round interview with Fox’s Holly Saunders, dressed like she works in the golf department of Edwin Watts. Dustin Johnson, who had just hit a five iron 247 yards to 12 feet on the par-5 18th hole, then three putted, giving the tournament to Spieth.

The ending was indicative to the entire 2015 US Open: a complete let down. As a serious golf fan and spectator, the experience was hollow, and it didn’t feel like anything like a major golf tournament.

Yes, those are train tracks and Star Wars props on the course.

Chambers Bay was built with a ton of fanfare, opening in 2007, and was immediately awarded the 2015 US Open. Who knows why…a new regional demographic? Nike? Were they looking for a different feel, conflicting with that a recipe that has worked for 100 years? Who cares. The course looked like an un-watered North Florida muni. The setup was strange, and it was hard to watch. There wasn’t a crowd of any significance. The cherry on top: there was a giant dumpster fire nearby on Saturday. The irony should not be lost.

The greens were awful. Billy Horschel, Gary Player, and Ian Poulter have been the most vocal about the conditions of the greens, and they won’t be the last. It was so sad to watch all the USGA representatives, as well as the Fox crew, try to make excuse after excuse for the course’s condition, and how ‘it’s part of the game’ or ‘suck it up’.

“Watch me hammer this putter into the green.  It’s going to be sweet.”

All of this attention ensures that the greens’ conditions and the USGA’s obvious whiff will continue to be a major story. In the post-round interview with baseball announcer Joe Buck, Spieth was asked what he thought of the course conditions, since he survived it, and won on it. His response (sic): “I know why the Cowboys hate playing up there, Seattle fans are awesome”. Check mate.

Fox Sports’ crew was like a bunch of deer in headlights. Joe Buck had no idea what he was talking about, and it was entertaining listening to him correct and overcorrect. Faxon and Weiskopf were fish out of water. Greg Norman, who is known for speaking his mind, was obviously following restraint instructions from the Fox brass. All in all, The Shark did a good job, but what they needed was a Johnny Miller-esque pontificator. Swing and a miss.


From a formula perspective, the US Open has been one of the most anticipated events of the year. This year, the USGA tried something new, and it failed. It failed badly. It’s the US Open, not the British Open. They play that event next month, where we’ll get to enjoy a treeless course and the huge greens. US golf is different. On this side of the pond we think of lush, long, tree-lined fairways, white sand bunkers, high rough and postage-stamp greens. That’s US golf. That formula isn’t broken, so don’t try and fix it.

Fox has the US Open for 11 more years, and next year’s Open is at Oakmont. Let’s all assume that Fox Sports will learn from this year’s disaster.

Images: Google Image search.

The Aviate / Jack Donnelly / Criquet Shirts Summertime Giveaway

Summertime is here.  It’s hot.  We want to make it hotter.  We’ve teamed up with three of our favorite brands to get you outfitted in some essential summer gear.  Aviate is going to get you a hat of your choice.  Jack Donnelly is hooking you up with a pair of their featherweight cord shorts.  Criquet Shirts is getting you a polo of your choice, as well as a t-shirt:

I’m sure some koozies may get thrown in as well.  It’s all good.

Leave a comment to this post to enter.  Get busy following these guys on Social Media for some extra juice:

We’ll run the contest through midnight on Sunday, and we’ll announce the winner on Monday, June 29th around lunchtime.  So get to entering…and tell your friends we’re coming in hot…

Thanks to Aviate, Jack Donnelly, and Criquet Shirts for providing the goods for the giveaway.