Memorial Day Sales

Sitting by the pool?  Getting ready to head to the lake?  Well, while this weekend provides excellent weather and general debauchery, it also provides some outstanding online sales.  Take that Q1 bonus and put it to work, readers:

Onward Reserve is doing a HUGE Memorial Day sale – 20-50% off site-wide.  They rarely have sales this big, so give it a good once-over.

Brooks Brothers has about three sales going on during Memorial Day, but the two that should catch your attention are the 40% off Spring stuff and the new additions they’ve made to their clearance section (70% off).

Nordstrom (NOT Rack) is doing their annual 40% off sale.  This is all the good stuff, folks.  Tons of good stuff.  Graduates – check out the suit section.  Tons of power suits at excellent prices.

J.Crew is doing a nice little 30% off your entire order, which includes the sale section.  Good stuff for all your basics.  I have a spring wedding coming up, and I am looking forward to hammering the Ludlow section

Yoox is doing an extra 40% off all their summer styles.  Good stuff that is seasonal appropriate.

Neiman Marcus is doing a big 40% off sale as well.  Again, like most of the big box stores, they are going to have a ton of stuff.  Check out the cashmere section…maybe not to wear right now, but you’ll be glad you pulled the trigger this Fall.

Bloomingdales is doing their Brown Bag sale…20-70% off.  Seriously, this one is worth the look.  It’ll fill quite a few gaps in your wardrobe.

Billy Reid just loaded up their sale section.  Double monks.  Sweatshirts.  Dress shirts.  Very good prices…

Steven Alan is doing 30% off your entire purchase this weekend.  Big sales on some really nice stuff.  They have upped their collaboration brands over the last year, so now is the time to take advantage.

Jack Spade is doing a kicker sale (save 20% on $150+, 25% on $250+, and 30% on $350+).  Nice…they normally only put their sale section on ‘extra’ sale, but this applies to everything.

East Dane loaded up their sale section as well.  Good deals on Gitman Vintage, Incotex, Grenson, Tumi, Rag & Bone, and Gant Rugger.

Any that I’ve missed?  Leave me a comment below and I’ll update the list.

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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is upon us…since a large clip of commuters have taken PTO today, traffic should be light, or at least until it’s time to head out of town for the weekend.  Memorial Day in our house is going to involve a lot of pool time and grilling with friends, all with a nod to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our great nation.  With that theme in mind, here’s how I plan on doing it:

From top left:

1. State Traditions Traditional America Visor:  Extensive hours in the sun will require some sort of face protection.  I have a friend who is a dermatologist, and she will insist.
2. An Incredible Koozie:  Serious business here.  Have a koozie handy that no one will mistake as theirs.
3. Bald Head Blues Jersey Polo:  Look good for dinner…a comfortable polo in appropriate colors.
4. Criquet White Pique Polo:  Good for lounging on Sunday and Monday…comfortable, classic, and cool.
5. The Ole Trusty T-shirt:  You’ll need this for emergency trips to the gas station for extra ice.  Nothing kills a cooler like low ice.
6. Old Glory Deluxe Armchair with Beverage Holders:  Don’t get caught playing musical chairs…bring your own.
7. Smathers & Branson Flags of Our Fathers Needlepoint Belt:  An awesome new addition to their Spring lineup…how cool is this?  What a great way to show respect to the symbol(s) of our great nation.
8. Southern Proper Seersucker Shorts:  Pair these with the Criquet polo…like daytime pajamas.
9. State Traditions America Swim Trunks:  These are about as cool as it gets…whether lounging at the pool or doing a cannonball off the diving board.
10. J. Crew Stanton 7″ Shorts:  Yes, J.Crew still makes 7″ shorts.  Which keeps them on my radar.
11. Yeti Hopper 30 Cooler:  I’m a big fan of Yeti, but have a hard time understanding how their hard shell coolers make sense for everyday pool/lake use…no wheels, somewhat uncomfortable to carry…clearly they heard me.  The soft cooler with a shoulder strap fits the bill.
12. Star Spangled Spatula:  Grilling.  Period.
13. Havianas Flip Flops:  Good for the pool/lake…at this price point, you won’t care if one flies out of the boat or the dog mistakes it for a chew toy.
14. Hari Mari Scout Flip Flops:  And something a little nicer.  Keep these away from your dog.
15. Filson Medium Dry Duffle:  For those traveling, you have to pack in something, and this duffle from Filson will keep your gear dry when your idiot friends throw you in the lake.

Star Wars Hipsters

This is why the Internet is awesome. Star Wars characters dressed as hipsters. By illustrator John Woo, they are available on Etsy. Enjoy:

T-shirt Tuesday at Onward Reserve

Team – good news: the fine folks at Onward Reserve are running a little T-shirt Tuesday promotion…spend $100 online or in the store and get a free t-shirt…go get some:

Seaside Everywhere (the RCS Review…thanks Peter Millar)


You’ve probably gotten the communication from Peter Millar about their new Seaside collection.  They released a collection of shirts that are a classic fit, and made with a broadcloth that is washable and supposedly easy to iron.  Hey, I’m all for shirts that don’t need to go to the dry cleaners…ironing is pretty therapeutic for me.  I usually keep a stack of ironing for Sunday afternoon, and actually look forward to it.

When the good folks at Peter Millar heard that I was heading down to Seaside for a long weekend, they sent me a shirt to get my opinion.  They said wear it, beat it up, and tell us what you think.  Now, my experience with Peter Millar shirts over the years has been hit or miss.  I got a couple shirts years ago that didn’t really fit that well.  So much so that they couldn’t keep their spot in the lineup.  Well, over the last couple of seasons, they have really focused on their off-the-course apparel, and it is showing.

Here’s what I like about this shirt: first, the fit it spot on.  While it is called ‘classic fit’, it is definitely NOT vanity sized.  A medium is a medium…the chest fits, but isn’t tight.  The sleeves are not blouse-y, instead they have a more fitted look and the cuffs hit at just the right spot.  The fabric is great – it’s not pique, but instead a medium-weight broadcloth.  I washed and ironed this shirt, and it took to the steam like a champ, sans starch.

The pastels in the Seaside collection are neutral enough to go with just about everything, without looking like an Easter egg.  They did a good job incorporating navy with this purple and teal plaid, which gives it a more mature look, so it will great under a navy blazer or with a pair of lighter khakis.  Whatever you do, avoid wearing socks when wearing one of these Seaside shirts.

To illustrate, here is my submission for America’s Next Top Model:



Location: Seagrove Beach, 30A

Help – The Iconic Sea Island Cloister Shirt

Readers: I’m looking for your help.  My long sleeve t-shirt from The Cloister down in Sea Island has gone missing.  It’s probably not a bad thing, as it was almost threadbare…  Since they aren’t offered at The Cloister anymore, I’m reaching out to see if anyone has a size Large or XL that they would be willing to part with…  please reach out to  I know this is a stretch, but I have faith in the Red Clay Soul community…

FYI – this is Mrs. RCS’s shirt…it’s a size Small.

High Five – Saturday, May 16th


1. The Hawks.  I’m admittedly the biggest Hawks bandwagon fan around, as are 90% of Atlanta residents, but who cares.  They are fun to watch, there is a buzz in the city, and (most importantly) it passes the time until college football season.  Bring on LeBron!


2. The Duck Head Bronco: I saw this on Bronco on Duck Head’s Instagram account…you know how much I love a restoration.  P.S. – Please do NOT bring back pleated shorts.  They do not need to be restored.

3. Marshall Stanmore Speaker:  I saw this over at East Dane, and had to do a double take…a shelf-sized blue tooth speaker, that looks like a miniature version of the real deal?  Yeah, sign me up.



4. I have a pair of Raleigh Denim jeans that is developing a bit of a blowout in the crotch area.  I did a little research and came across this video…I thought you would get a kick out of it.  I’ll do a before and after post on repairing the jeans.  I like what he says in the video: “don’t wait too long to get your jeans repaired”.


5. For your reading pleasure: Put This On did an EXCELLENT piece on the current state of “Prep”.  Give it a read and let me know what you think…conversation in the comments section.