Recent Finds: Winter Jackets

I’ve recently added two new (vintage) jackets to my winter lineup.  Luckily, I’ve remained in pretty good shape, so a few of the tweets that I used to wear are now too big.  I like to think it’s my eating habits and pseudo-dedication to staying healthy, but more than likely they have just stretched out.

This black watch job by Pringle is an Ebay find.  I’ve been looking for a black watch jacket forever, and almost every one I come across is damaged, cut like a pillowcase, or made of a nasty blend.  Not this one…the fit is perfect (especially for a vintage jacket), and the colors are just right.  I’m not a huge fan of the buttons, but they aren’t something I’ll change right away.

Numero dos is a Made-in-the-USA Pendleton tweed, complete with a ticket pocket.  This one was a gift from the Goodwill Gods, and it fits like a glove.  I won’t have to alter this one an inch.  It’s a medium weight tweed, and the pattern is awesome.  I really like the touch of blue, as most of the shirts I wear are blue.  And I love those leather buttons, man.  I get older, and they stay the same age…

I can’t wait to give these bad boys a ride…

New Art

I’m working on a post about ‘Dude Decorating’, which is turning out well.  As guys, not only do we need some help and accountability with our clothing style, but we also need some help with our livability style.  Stay tuned…

For now, some new art.  I got it in a 9×12 which I’m planning on having matted and framed…and will hang in my closet…as daily inspiration:

‘Waschanstalt/Zurich’, by Robert Hardmeyer (1905)

Vintage art.  It never gets old.

A Little Bit from Oak Street Bootmakers

The fine folks at Oak Street Bootmakers are adding some more heavy duty ammo to the arsenal.  With a nod to tradition, the Oak Street Bootmakers Bit Loafer is a shoe that is instantly familiar, yet boldly unique.  The upper is hand-sewn in Maine with Horween calfskin leathers, calfskin lining, leather sole, stacked leather heel with dovetail toplift, and brass and nickel horsebit hardware.  Handcrafted in the USA…available in brown and black…and a steal at $328:

What say you?

2014 World Series: Baby, It’s a Wild World

It all starts tonight, folks.  Two Wild Card teams…Neither of which are the Yankees, Cardinals, or any other huge market team.  Who do you pick?  In how many games?

RCS Pick:  Royals in 5, and ESPN hates every minute of it.

Picking a Winner: Jack Donnelly

When Gregg first told me that he was launching a Kickstarter campaign for Jack Donnelly, I knew immediately that he would KILL it.  As a long time customer, I can attest to the quality and fit of the khakis.  They have one of the best value propositions in the #menswear terrordome.  I talked to Gregg yesterday about the whole experience:

“It’s been an awesome trip so far.  I think it’s a game changer – a great platform to fund new product development and connect with new customers.  We look forward to finishing strong and gearing up for production.  It’s been really cool to see all the support and we sincerely appreciate everyone getting involved.  We can’t wait to get everyone their new JDs!”

Well, there is a week left in the Jack Donnelly Kickstarter campaign, and as expected, they knocked it out of the park.  They are over 300% of goal, with almost 400 backers.  That is absolutely awesome.  Now, what does this mean for you?  Well, you have to start looking at it from a different perspective: Jack Donnelly made their goal, so now is a GREAT time to stock up on their khakis while they are ON SALE.  Not only are their famed Dalton pants and Carter pants over 10% off retail, but JD released special edition cords for the Kickstarter venture.  I stocked up…and I got a couple extra pairs to use for Christmas gifts.  You should too…

Pull the trigger by CLICKING HERE


Sleeves are so overrated right now.  On outerwear only…seriously.  With the temperatures still hitting the 70s at peak of the day, Barbour season remains a little prohibitive, but the 40s and 50s in the AM make vest weather just right.  In terms of style and function, vests are all over the map.  You have the Marty McFly-esque puffer vests that look great with anything from jeans to khakis or just running out to grab the mail.  You have the technical vests that are typically a little lighter, and are great for the golf course, as a base layer, or for Walking on the Moon.  While a ‘shooting vest’ isn’t the term that producers of those quilted jobs with deep front pockets were going for, they are great for burning gunpowder.  Finally, the dressier vests are making inroads into the #menswear discussion, doubling as a blazer, or actually over a blazer.

See folks, there’s something for everyone.  The point is, get one and wear it.  It’s a great look; a masculine look.  Here’s what I like:

Clockwise from top left:

1. Filson Reversable Down Vest:  Filson rarely misses, and after seeing this, their newest vest release, I was more amazed at how long it took them to produce a down vest.  This is a great look, and the reversible blaze orange is awesome for Tennessee Volunteer fans.
2. Belstaff Tenby Down Quilted Gilet:  I really like what Belstaff does.  It’s very ‘English’, but more than just in a Bond way…  Think 007 riding a motorcycle instead of driving an Aston Martin.  Cool, but with an edge.  And probably more hair grease.  Badass vest, though.
3. Sid Mashburn Shetland Down Vest:  The sort of vest that you wear with dress shoes.  The color is spot on; who says a vest has a be a dark shade of anything?  The shetland wool gives it a great texture, and will keep your core nice and toasty.
4. Peter Millar Potomac Quilted Vest:  Peter Millar has been doing an excellent job of expanding beyond golf shirts and pullovers.  While I always look forward to seeing their stuff in pro shops, I’m just as excited to see their off-the-course stuff as well.  Their Potomac vest is a great example of that transitional style that Peter Millar has perfected.
5. Southern Proper Varsity Vest:  The ladies really did us all a favor with their vest.  This one will work in almost any of the categories I outlined above: the quilted looks makes it dressy, the down fill makes it warm, and the big front pockets will hold all the shells you can shoot.  Oh – and it’s Masters Green.
6. K-WAY Valen Light Thermal Vest:  This vest reminds me of the old mountain climbing ads I used to see at High Country and Go With the Flow.  Bright colors, mirrored sunglasses, and giant hiking boots with shorts.  In other words: AWESOME.
7. Dubarry Yeats Quilted Vest:  By now you are familiar with Dubarry (more to come on RCS – I assure you…).  They are more than those really cool hunting boots; they have expanded to a full range of men’s and women’s clothing and outerwear.  Their Yeats vest is a great example of shooting style.  Great lines and deep pockets.
8. Penfield Outback Vest:  Personally, I call this the standard.  I’ve had an Outback vest for years, and it always finds a way into all sorts of outfits and situations.  That vest has seen a lot, and continues to kick ass.  This one has the RCS stamp of approval.

Saturday Stuff

Happy Saturday, folks.  Lots of good stuff going on on RCS land.  I’ve got some super new brands to talk about over the next couple of weeks, a new ten part series that I think you’ll all get a kick out of, and I’ve had some really good luck at the thrift store(s) lately.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, there are some awesome sales going on…here is a rundown…  Send me what I’ve missed and I’ll update the page:

The good folks over at Allen Edmonds are having their biggest sale of the year.  There is way too much to pick from…but let’s just say there is some shell cordovan involved…

The Friends and Family sale is going on at Jack Spade.  30% off your entire purchase.  For all you front pocket wallet folks, check out their version.  It’s unique and very functional (and only $62!)

J. Crew is doing 30% off their sweaters…good time to stock up!

Onward Reserve has their Cotton Brothers gingham button downs on sale for $62 a pop.  Awesome shirts, and an awesome price for these staples.

All the Player’s Shirts polos from Criquet Shirts are 25% off.  The biggest problem with Criquet polos is that you can’t buy just one…you’ll end up with a closet-full.

You need dress shirts?  Check out the clearance section at Brooks Brothers…they have you covered.

Orvis has their Fleece Sherpa Vest on sale for $59 a pop…great addition to any man’s closet, especially this time of year.  Check out ‘Steel Blue':

Ralph Lauren just added a TON of stuff to their clearance section.  Check out their Wading Coat – its’ a very dressed up version of a winter jacket, and it comes with a removable vest.  All for a very good price…

Be sure to check out the sale section at Billy Reid…holy lord there is a ton of great stuff.

For those looking for some decorating ideas, Huckberry has a great selection of Old Try prints for 30% off.  See if one strikes your fancy…

Let me know if I’ve missed any good sales…leave me a comment.